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D'Andre Swift was had for a bag of Cheetos and put up 175 yds last night... Not looking good Mr. Fitterer


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6 minutes ago, *FreeFua* said:

It is. 

Time and time again this franchise pays running backs when the league tells you that you shouldn’t.

This team is backwards from the rest of the NFL... Receiver by committee but pay top money to running backs. How many teams do that

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we got paid experts To do this job period They don't do it in a vacuum period And more than 1 person is in on the decision period It seems like every decision or non decision is criticized and beaten like a dead horse. Heaven forbid our team ever add talent to this roster because if they didn't, that would be criticized too.

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1 hour ago, Wundrbread33 said:

You just gonna disrespect Brown and Luvu like that? 

Brown and Luvu are local hero’s nothing special on big stage like Burns.  Did either of them even made the pro bowl?

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2 hours ago, Wundrbread33 said:

You just gonna disrespect Brown and Luvu like that? 

Derrick Brown was a Hurney pick. Our defense is quite literally being held down from being a steaming pile of poo because of him and Burns. Jaycee Horn would be a fantastic foundational piece if he could stay healthy. Other than that players like Luvu and Chinn are quality starting role players. When you get into Fitterer’s acquisitions it's not any better. We still have WR's that struggle heavily to gain any consistent level of separation. He also loves Ian Thomas. The man has been very overrated here.

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9 hours ago, Icege said:

Oh no, the team spent $750k more on Miles Sanders this season than the Eagles did on DeAndre Swift.

If only the Panthers hadn't spent less than $3M this season on their RB room. They could have spent $6M like the Eagles did. 🙃

 The MAJOR difference is that the Panthers still owe Sanders 10.5M in guaranteed money after this year. Or watch his cap hit rise to 7.6M next year. Guaranteed money(especially with RBs is all that matters. Where the Eagles only have Swifts 1.7M this year to worry about. 

And everyone bought it. Just like Hurst, Bell, Tuttle, and Thielen. All have at least 10M in guaranteed money left to be accounted for because of cheap first years.What are the odds they are all on the team next year because of their play and not their dead cap hit. 

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    • I agree. I haven't watched a full game with Bryce Young because by the 2nd quarter I've seen all I'm gonna see. I didn't feel that way with Dalton who had this team fighting again.
    • This is true. Dalton has been a good QB for over a decade in the NFL. Is he a starter today? Ideally, no. But there are worse starting QBs out there right now and I'm not talking about injured rookies. There's no question he's better than Zach Wilson right now. He certainly wasn't the reason we lost yesterday. That said, he still shouldn't be starting over Bryce Young as long as the OL is playing at a passable level. It certainly wasn't in Seattle, though. I wouldn't be opposed to them holding Bryce out until Austin Corbett returns; at least that should help stabilize the interior OL. It's one thing to have a rookie in Zavala struggling at one spot on the line (at least he's learning and gaining experience, in theory) but when both guards are playing like trash it forces both tackles and the center to try and compensate and has a ripple effect across the entire OL. With this awful scheme and play calling - not to mention ZERO run game - that's a good way to ruin your #1 overall QB.
    • Hate to tell you, but CJ is a stud.
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