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What record gets Reich fired?

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It's really about identifying what Tepper's temperature & patience was going into the season.

I get the impression he's TRIED to be patient.

Didn't want to look brash so didn't immediately clean house when the team was purchased. 

Then, once Rhule was in place, he tried to be patient and was willing to give him time.  However, that backfired after it was one of those super apparent bad hires and the wheels fell off last year. 

Since Fitterer wasn't on Rhule's timeline, he doesn't ditch him, gives him more leverage at personnel that final season and now with a new hire. 

So, the new hire is off to a very bad start.  The new QB is struggling and now injured.  

I think it could be otherwise and DT may be done trying to be patient. Maybe he's ready to be more like his ruthless self.

4-13 or worse could cause a Reich ouster.  However, beyond the record, there would also need to be some riffs that develop, noticeable player morale dip, or mid-season staff changes that reveal additional fundamental issues.  I think it's unlikely given the staff and Reich's character, but it could happen.

It would need to be like Mularky/JAX, Tomsula/SF bad.



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3 hours ago, Castavar said:

Like I said in the offseason, anything less than Wilks SHOULD get him fired.

But that shouldn't even be the point. Even IF we fire Reich, does anybody actually have any faith in this organization that we will hire the right coach next time? Until Tepper and his wife are removed, this will be a bottom 5 team for a long time.

No way I trust Tepper with anything football related. He’s made ZERO moves that have worked. 

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We do have multiple guys on the coaching staff who have been pegged for a HC job.  Evero, Brown, hell even Caldwell.

I do think with a bad enough record and/or we don't see the necessary improvement from the offense by season's end, that Reich could be fired.  However I don't think Tepper would go out of house.  I think he would try to keep the staff we have in tact because another huge coaching turnover would be a lot for the players.  I could see one of those guys getting the job, although I'm sure many here would hate it.  But I think that is more likely than Reich being fired and us bringing in an outside coach.

I do think it is worth considering the amount of turnover we have had this offseason, both with coaches and players (particularly on the offense).  It really shouldn't be this much of a surprise the offense looks this bad early in the season, but I understand that most fans don't have a lot of patience.  How many teams have gotten an entirely new coaching staff, new QB, new RB, new WRs, and a new TE, and looked fine to start the next year?  And due to injuries on the OL, we have guys starting who weren't last year (Zavala for one).  I'm not saying the coaches have been perfect but I do think we need to wait until the end of the season before we start talking about firing someone or who is or isn't a bust.

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23 hours ago, top dawg said:

You may be right, but 3-14, 2-15, 1-16 or 0-17 will be a very hard pill to swallow. Fans will be calling for his head. And don't let Houston and Stroud show tons more. Tepper will likely be on a slow boil, and Nicole will be in his ear. 

Fans are calling for his head at 0-2...

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On 9/21/2023 at 8:36 PM, therealmjl said:

At this point I wouldn't mind if it were 0-2. We've been duped. Go figure.

I am not sure that duped is the correct word. I don’t think any team would put together a losing team with malice.  BTW it is only two games into the season. Let’s see what happens with Andy Dalton at quarterback.

I do think we need to be very cautious regarding the head coach. I am one of the older people who has been watching football for many years. I watch the Saints play from 1969 to present. I am using them as an example here:

The Saints were losers until approximately 1987. One of the biggest reasons was because of the owner, whose name was John Meacham John wanted to win the Super Bowl every year. In other words, he wanted to win and win now, which is physically impossible.

The point is, it’s going to take more than two or three years to develop a winning team.  John kept firing the coach, approximately one or two years. Later, a coach name Hank Stram told Meacham that,  if Meacham would give him four or five years, he could develop a winning team.  BTW, those too young to remember,  Hank Stram had the winning Kansas City Chiefs team in the Super Bowl three. Hank was a well-known, high caliber coach at the time.

Hank knew of Mitchum’s tendency to fire a coach after two years. He told Meacham that he would only take on the job of head coach, if Meacham agreed to give him 4 to 5 years. Meacham fired him after two years.

My overall point is that if you start firing coaches after only two years, no coach worth their weight in gold is going to want to coach your team.  You will have difficulty finding good caliber coaches and possibly players.


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2 hours ago, pantherclaw said:

You really think the team won't get better as the season goes? You are insufferable. 

One one hand the defense is banged up and the wheels are potentially falling off. On the other hand this offense is so bad that there really is no where to go but up. Its a wash imo

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