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The Carolina Panthers are hurtling towards threats of relocation


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29 minutes ago, CamWhoaaCam said:

It's Charlotte the passion just isn't there like other cities.


If they relocate im probably just going to become a Ravens fan. I'm not rooting for no team in Europe that's for damn sure.



I might go Ravens too but most likely saying by to the Rigged Football League. Betting has ruined just about all sports. Hockey is maybe the only one where its mostly not, but even then they still have their darling teams that get favorable calls.

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If the Panthers move, this Carolina Huddle forum should be dissolved too. No Panthers, no Huddle. I'm all for the Panthers staying, suckage or not. It's better to have a team to root for than no team at all. It's bad now but I'm holding out hope for better days. Cleveland has sucked for decades and even though it took a while they managed to be somewhat relevant and made the playoffs. At the same time, all these citizens who show up to voice their opinion about the approval probably have never watched a single panthers football game and just don't want to pay any taxes. 

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As much as I hate to lose an NFL team, it's probably for the best if the team relocated somewhere where the fans actually will support them.  Too many transplant here for any team to survive.  Just let us have our college sports.  And take the Hornets too while you're at it.

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12 minutes ago, bandu said:

San Antonio makes alot of sense if an NFL team was to relocate...just saying

Coming in to say this

 the San Antonio/Austin area is prime

 plus look at all the UT players we have now 😀

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