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Is Kony Ealy the next great Panthers defensive end?

Jeremy Igo

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I love Ealy but he seems to have an attitude problem, not the back talking disrespectful kind of attitude problem that you see some players bring. He seems to beat himself alot when he fugs up. I remember multiple times this year when he would jump off-sides or get a penalty and would go back to the bench furious and didn't want to hear a word of advice from anyone. Hopefully he can keep his head cool this year because we are going to need em.

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he's been awesome all year. dude is the complete package, excellent pass rusher and does the dirty work setting the edge against the run.

i expect this gives us an awesome free agency setup. kick the tires on a few FA pass rushers and maybe draft a guy too. IMO the team's biggest improvement next year could come from the pass rush.

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2 hours ago, zacka77ack said:

Has this EVER happened?  Every year people are all like "Sign and Trade this star player for a 1st round pick!".  Has it ever happened in the NFL?  Not just the with Panthers, I'm talking any team...

the last big one i can remember was matt cassell to the chiefs in 2009

tag and trades are rare.  it takes a particular combination of the player being willing to sign his tender and cooperate (nobody is going to table a first round pick for a player if there's a chance he'll hold out), a realistic threat that the team tagging him might actually sign him to a long term extension before he can hit FA the next year, and the team doing the tagging willing to take the risk of possibly having to eat the contract if they can't find a trade partner.

there is other stuff that can happen too.  in the peppers situation we couldn't just ship him off to the browns or raiders for two first round picks and be done with it.  he wouldn't sign his tender so he was technically not under the franchise tag yet and couldn't be traded.  he was essentially playing chicken with the panthers as training camp approached with regard to whether it would turn into a holdout situation.  he could sign the tender or the panthers could rescind the tag with no cap hit and release him to FA - those were the only options.  once he signed the tender there was no turning back.  he'd have to be traded or we'd be on the hook for his cap figure.

tagging a player with the intention of trading him is really a tightrope and there are a lot of things that can go wrong for the team trying to pull it off.  the player and his agent still have a lot of power in that arrangement.

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Really depends who is playing opposite him.  Johnson and Hardy had the benefit of playing with each other and the question was, who do you double team?  If Ealy is "the guy" and they scheme to slow him down I could see it benefiting the other DE more.  Not saying he doesn't have the talent but if he's the only marquee pass rusher we have on the edge it'll be easier to slow him down.  

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