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Mahomes has "no symptoms".

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2 minutes ago, Bama Panther said:

There is no way that was a choke out. The defender’s arm was around the neck for about a second, and the forearm was even resting against the bottom of Mahomes’ helmet, as opposed to being directly against the neck. If it was a “choke out,” it was the fastest “one side of the neck being affected with the arm not even being in contact with the neck at all” choke out I’ve ever seen. This entire “choke out” thing is an attempt for the NFL to get Mahomes out of the protocol and into the AFCCG. 

Pretty much everyone is saying it was most likely a brachial stun. If that is so unlikely then how could you possibly say it's a concussion?

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10 minutes ago, onmyown said:

The problem isn’t the experts it’s the player (see Cam). Players will bend the truth, they’re competitors and not going to side on the error of caution.

Medical professionals are not some magical superior beings, they’re humans. They cannot transform themselves to be other people. They base a lot of what they do on the responses the patient gives them. Exactly like our own doctors.

Definitely a good point. If Mahomes has a very light headache that he notices but doesn't really affect him, that would still be enough to keep him out this game and there's no chance he's telling the doctors about that.

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Not sure why people can’t understand what happened. The CNS and Brain stem extend beyond just the lobesof brain in the skull. There was compression to his neck and brain stem. It doesn’t have to be a head injury to be a concussion. I’d imagine that a scan would show zero swelling in his brain and some moderate swelling in his neck extending into the base of the brain.  

Choking is a lack of oxygen... that’s not even close to what happened. You don’t run out of oxygen and pass out in .2 seconds while you are being tackled. 

Also, he could be bleeding out of his ass with Ebola and they are going to try and get him in the game. 

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22 minutes ago, gakonline said:

One angle of the replay showed Mahomes’ head hitting the ground. I could not tell if he was choked or not, but the defender who tackled Mahomes had some extracurricular activity going on. 


It did hit the ground, just on the front. Not sure why so many people said it didn’t hit. Even so, it was a hard hit and his head was jerked around before hitting the ground at the end so the ground might not have even caused it.  I’m not surprised he’s fine but he was clearly concussed. In the photo above you can see him let go of the ball. When you see guys get knocked out they usually drop the ball.

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I'm not really sure how there is even a question about this... he never hit his head. The nerve/choked out explanation is perfectly viable and I'm not quite sure why people think its not other than being willfully ignorant. 

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Hits never look that forceful in slow-motion, which is the way this is all being judged.

It's not that someone gets hit in the head or their head hits something, it's if the brain sloshes around in the brainpan and bruises itself against the skull. That can happen easily without a direct exterior impact, especially when someone gets whipped around like he did, at the speed it actually happened.

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1 hour ago, BurnNChinn said:

I do never never seen his head hit anything, looked like he got choked more than anything. I was reading an article where they said that’s what they thought could have happened.

I don't know why EVERYONE is saying this. He got hit square on the chin by the defenders hand. Look closely. He wasn't choked long enough to get that reaction of a full blown knock out.

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Remember when so many of us were like, ‘Luke didn’t even get hit in his head hard’ but yet was out nearly 5 weeks with a concussion?


it’s not only high intensity impact that factors concussion but also head velocity https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/19487897/


to say Mahomes is cleared by next week is a sham of a protocol and his neurologist has as much credibility as Dr. Dre



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