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The Huddle turns 18 this year

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On 2/5/2021 at 11:14 PM, ladypanther said:

I thought the internet was forever.  Can't we get the FBI to see if they can find the stuff?

Big A better hope the FBI isn’t on to him, lol

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On 2/5/2021 at 6:28 PM, Borat said:

It’s such a shame all those old threads are gone

I had saved a link to a post of his where he was bragging about his generator powered A/C, watching Netflix, and spending his relief money on Amazon while people were suffering in the Superdome but it no longer works.


He is still the only person Ive ever encountered online that I legit want to suffer real world bodily harm

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@Zod do you still have that picture of Peppers with the "franchised" head stamped. It had an arm with stamper in the picture too. I had it saved on my old putter(rip) and its one of my first laughs here. 

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On 2/4/2021 at 12:15 PM, Carl Spackler said:

I've been on here nearly 12 years. Feel like many of the 2009-10 regulars have left

I’ve been here since around 07.  Still quite a few oldheads around from before me, they just tend to get drowned out by the loud trolls and younger generation heh

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God I have been here too long. 2004 was the beginning after being banned by a cowboys espn mod for the 2000th time. First thing I saw was Janglers midget porn thread and I was hooked. Oh those days were thunderdome hardcore. The days before Google became the nanny of the internet and you could do almost anything. 


Also it wasn't called Carolina huddle back then but Panthers huddle. I think zod could have kept that name if he would have just let JR shave his legs. 

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1. Dude who made a thread about wearing a panthers polo to an interview lives rent free in my head every single fuging day

2. GOAT uniforms was something special. Cheers @The Huddler

 3. @PhillyBand @SCPwilled 2015 to fruition with their posts

4. Jangler legit makes my skin crawl, fug that pedo and his pedo alt (PieyedPiper) and his music posts which ruined legit classics for me. Thank god Huddle is 18 and past Jangler’s preferred fast now

5. Alice Saga needs to be a movie. If only we had a director on the Huddle 😜

6. The first time I stumbled into the tinder box was like the first time I stumbled onto boobies on the internet

7. Thank you @Zod. This place is like a  second home to me and I genuinely love some of these posters like family (and I’ve never met a single one of y’all except for Zack and @Pantha-San II). I legit want to have a beer with PhillyB, his arc has legit been astronomical. 

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Pink flaps and forehead kisses

Every topic being tagged with male docking

 That guy who wanted to fight people IRL in south Charlotte 


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