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If Darnold plays poorly next year, we traded what will be a 1st round pick for him.

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1 hour ago, bobowilson said:


Teddy was mediocre, but a competent game manager with good skill players.  Darnold has bee a complete dumpster fire, and you don't win more than 4 games with him unless he improves tremendously.


In hindsight the best strategy would have been to go into last season with Allen and Heinike and hope to end up with a top four or better pick.  Instead they brought in Bridgewater hoping for a winning season.  Instead Teddy was mediocre at best, pretty avg to bad in the second half of almost all the games and 0-8 in game winning drive attempts ALL with like you said skill players. 

So the Panthers are still no better with Teddy unless he improves tremendously, which I don't see happening based on what we have seen, and most likely the Panthers are again on the outside looking in at drafting a top QB and having to trade away future draft picks to move up or hope someone falls. 

If anything, should Darnold suck as bad as you think the team ends up in a better draft position and we are still going QB next year in the draft or on the flip side he does improve tremendously and we dont have to daft a QB next year.  With Teddy at helm, the Panthers are definitely still having to draft a QB in 2022.   I really dont see much downside bringing in Darnold.  Worst case the panthers are in the same position they would have been anyway and if anything with a better draft position for a QB.  

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they traded a 2nd round pick, the highest of which could only be the 33rd pick, which is not even close to giving up a 1st round pick bc the talent dropoff is usually steep after the top 15 prospects are off the board (the blue chip guys, or whatever ESPN is calling them in 2021).

this is hurney logic. we spent how many years pretending we got solid day one starters in the second round almost every year. even in the gettleman years there was kony ealy. 

it’s really hard to tell exactly what scott fitterer’s long term draft philosophy is, especially since we have yet to see him pick his first draft class, but i highly doubt he is going to make the same mistake hurney did, looking at scott wright’s nfldraftcountdown top 32 and seeing if any of them are still there at 45.

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This whole topic based off the premise is wrong.. A 2nd round pick is a 2nd round pick.. Most teams don't have a 1st round grade on 32 players anyway let alone the next 5 picks after that...

What makes this topic even funnier is some  of the ppl trying to make this a issue have no problem trashing the 2nd round/"1st rounders" already on the team...

I don't see you crying this bad for being ready to give up on Funchess, Djax, and Little or how valuable really "1st rounders" they are....lol

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This is exactly what free agency is all about. Fill in the holes so we can focus on the best values in the draft. If there is a QB we really like at 8 then we get him. Darnold's  money is not going to stop us from bringing in a draft pick at QB. And if no one is there we have to settle for the first or second best left tackle prospect or heaven forbid the best corner or best D lineman to pair with Brown.  All because we have the luvury of not chasing a QB in the draft and giving up the farm.

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1 hour ago, AceBoogie said:

And I’m convinced some of you have never been a part of anything successful and knows what that looks like. This isn’t ain’t it. 

If you want to blame the staff and hold on the the Teddy signing, not much I can say. It was an awful move. But for where we finished and sat in the draft, this was probably the best case scenario for the team going into next season.  The Watson ship sailed and here we are. 

But I’m sure if you were running the team we would have 3 Super Bowls right now. Gotta love the couch GMs.  I’m willing to see how this plays out. If Sam isn’t the answer, we lost one year. It will be a better year no matter what than playing noodle arm Teddy. 

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since this is a math thread, hear me out.

  • Getting Darnold for a 2nd and 4th in 2022 and a 6th in 2021
  • Now we do not need to trade up, saving a 2022 first rounder.
  • We can trade Teddy, let's say for a 2021 4th rounder and a conditional 2022 pick.
  • We can actually move back in round 1 about 5 spots or so for a 2022 second rounder.   We draft a T like Slater.

So this move did not cost us a damn thing, in theory.  We benefited from it.  So if my math is correct, we (minimally benefit this way):

  • SAVE a 2022 first rounder
  • LOSE a 2022 second rounder but we moved back 5 spots in round 1, 2021, got our LT, and we added a 2022 second rounder.  These even out.  no loss, no gain.
  • Teddy traded to the Broncos, we will say, for a 2021 4th rounder, more value than the 2022 4th rounder.
  • If Teddy plays, we add a 2022 conditional pick--a 6th rounder.


So I am showing that we saved a first rounder, not lost one, by making a few adjustments.

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4 hours ago, bobowilson said:

A late first round pick, but a 1st rounder nonetheless.  

If Darnold is anything like he has been the past few years for the Jets, we'll be a bottom 7 team picking at the top of the 2nd round.

If you add up the other picks we gave up with a high 2nd rounder, it has the same 'draft value' as a late 1st round pick.

So Darnold may end up costing us a late 1st rounder, and a tremendous cap hit in his 5th year.  That is quite the gamble for a quarterback who has played at his level, regardless of his coaching.



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