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Kristen Balboni introduces Sam Darnold to southern foods.

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6 hours ago, Ryano1974 said:

I just happen to own a BBQ restaurant near Greensboro.  Kristen if you bring Sam in dinner is on me 🙂

Then I am positive I have been a patron. I have hit every BBQ joint in this area. Carter Brothers, Country BBQ, Stamey’s, Lexington, Speedy’s, Fursty’s, Prissy Polly’s and Short Sugars. Are you in this list?

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1 Those hush puppies must not have been good. No reaction.

2 He never had real grits before.

3 "I want to see what the meat tastes like without any sauce." THAT'S BBQ.

4 Banana pudding will be his downfall.

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8 hours ago, PizzaTheHutt said:

Disappointed at the lack of livermush on the menu. 

The ONLY way I will touch liver.  Sliced thin, cooked well (crispy) and on a sandwich with yellow mustard.

I'm surprised that no one else called out the potato salad.  Southern potato salad is yellow, not white.  He got served white potato salad.  Dead give away it's not the real deal.

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18 hours ago, CanadianCat said:

Am I the only one that imagines Teddy watching these getting totally triggered?

Triggered?  [snort]

In the bad old days, the preferred phrase was ‘loss of composure’.  Alternately, if you wanted to be a little snarky, ‘hey, bud, try decaf’.

Either way, images of Teddy watching this video and totally losing it would be Pay Per View worthy.

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BBQ sauce is cooked into the meat,,  not for dipping ..  shrug..  Cole slaw is never eaten along lol.. 

Now server him some Low Country Boil  (  Frogmore Stew ) ..  Find it along the Carolina Coast from Beaufort NC to Beaufort SC  


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