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apparently there was some drama in our draft room

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2 hours ago, Khyber53 said:

I wasn't happy with the trading down, and down, and down. I think we passed up on some sure things in an effort to get quantity. I've been told to trust the process and the board, trust that the coach knows what he needs and our new GM knows what he is doing.

Okay, I'm certainly going to try.

September is a long way off and it's going to be a long wait to see the plan fall into place. I just don't think I've got the patience for another 5-11 (6-11/5-12 now) year in me. If we can't begin moving forward then I'm going to lose all faith in Rhule.

We've got some outstanding talent here in CMC and Moore, Brown and Burns, Chinn and Moton. We've got a kicker that will probably break the longest FG record (and miss a hunk of them, too) and a former first round draft pick QB who can hopefully become what he should have been.

I just don't want 2021's season to be like the one before: a 16-week binge watching of Scrubs. I don't want to see another rendition of the "Team that almost won."


Rhule inherited a dumpster fire. 

Also, Scrubs is brilliant.

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2 hours ago, Verge said:

I know there were people in the room who loved Walker Little, and I think that's where the anger stems from. Still though, Marshall was an excellent selection where we got him, and I am not so sure we are done at LT. 

That worries me.

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3 hours ago, TheMostInterestingMan said:

Oh you told us. We all feel stupid now. And as for all the A- to A+ grades our draft has consistently gotten, you better go email the likes of CBS etc and tell them to.


Look, draft grades obviously don’t mean poo but the reality is this draft was objectively good, even if it didn’t fall how you wanted it to. It’s done now regardless. But I suspect our staff is very happy with the results. As they should be. They did great.

I agree, draft grades don’t mean poo, so what’s the point of citing them. You know, it’s ok to acknowledge when they fuged something up, which they obviously did. They looked at it as a “calculated risk” and the risk did not pay off, so they had to trade down again.

I understand their thinking, you look and go, “ok, we’re trading back 13 spots and we have x number of guys we like, what are the odds that 6 offensive linemen and 4 defensive backs are taken.” Pretty low right? Rookie mistake from a first year GM. Let’s call a spade a spade. I’m sure they like who they got, but they were also banking on somebody being there at 52 who wasn’t.

They also could have traded back with Chicago in the first, picked up an extra first round pick and AT LEAST a 4th and 5th and gotten Caleb Farley (or maybe even Jaycee Horn still). They traded the wrong pick.

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