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apparently there was some drama in our draft room

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John Ellis
Darin is right. It was absolutely a calculated risk. And I can confirm (through a league source) that there were some in that room unhappy about certain names being called. 

(One of those names called was a non-offensive tackle, I’m told.)

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6 minutes ago, Moo Daeng said:

If concern and debate is drama than every day I've ever worked is a soap opera

Gantt is also employed by the Panthers now.  I think we get a somewhat toned down version of Gantt these days.  Which I guess might make fans like him more than they use to. 

Not exactly claiming he is doing it here....but in the big picture I always think people that work for the Panthers put a little extra Panther spin on anything they report. 


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1 minute ago, TheMostInterestingMan said:

Fir better or worse, I think Brady Christensen has the job unless he just really performs poorly in camp. For what it’s worth, I think he can handle it at least decently, but it is obviously a risk banking on him this season.

As hard as these athletes work, conditioning for their particular position, having played football just last year at a high level, step up big boy! He should want that opportunity and damn sure shouldn't let it go. That's a premium position in the NFL.

Id have no problem playing him at LT right away.

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Just like Rhule said on the Rich Eisen show, "if everyone is thinking the same thing, no one is thinking". They have a culture that allows and even encourages, but also respects a strong difference of opinion.

It's ok. Yes, it is/was a gamble, but so is every other decision in the draft. Like Fitt also said, according to Gantt, "trust the board". They went in with a plan and trusted it and adapted it to take care of what they needed to. 

Basically, it's something that I expect, bit also not something that throws up a red flag about the organization the way it does in Philly. 

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I was not happy about that move, either, but I followed my own advice and looked at the draft as a whole, once it was done.

This is an outrage.  We never had that sort of drama when Hurney was making the picks.  After the first round, everybody was in an uproar.  Sort of like Philly these days, apparently.

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#39(WE traded it)Jenkins LT/RT

#42 Eicheberg LT

#s 46 and 45- W. Liitle and J. Carman (Both Tackles-Carman maybe better suited for Guard)

#51 S. Cosmi LT/RT

#52 (traded it away again) a LB is taken by Cleveland

#53 Dillon Radunz ---This where I think people start getting upset!!!

#59- We finally take Marshall (WR)

* In additions to the Tackles that went- Richie Grant (s), T. Moehrig (s) and P. Friermuth (TE) we all targets that went in that span before our pick at 59.



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