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Good bye BOA stadium field

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21 minutes ago, onmyown said:

growing grass should be pretty damn easy.

Not from mid through late January, which is when we'll hopefully need it.

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13 minutes ago, raleigh-panther said:


both the Panthers and the soccer team


Fug soccer. It's like watching paint dry. I guess paint dries faster on artificial surfaces.


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2 hours ago, XClown1986 said:

I just want one square to put in my yard. 

My neighbor literally has .30 acres of straight turf no joke, even in the front.

He is disabled so I get it and it does look great in winter lol.

But as a whole...no bueno.

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1 hour ago, CRA said:

in the context of football?

I never played on this new stuff with the rubber tire balls in it or the synthetic grass whatever, but in college, we played and practiced on an artificial surface.  You had to tape up just to prevent getting burns and scabs.  Playing on grass was great, but required different shoes and the footing felt a bit different.  Grass was slower, and some teams would grow it thicker and higher if you had a speed advantage over them--but if you ask a player from yesteryear, I might have gone to a different college if I considered the turf--when it rained and seeped into the padding beneath the turf and then froze---it was like playing on concrete. 

Here is some data from a natural grass turf company's website:



Here is some independent research from university hospitals:

Researchers identified a total of 953 injuries during the 2017-2018 athletic seasons, with 585 of them occurring on synthetic turf and 368 on natural grass. Researchers then performed subgroup analysis to determine injuries that took place on artificial turf versus natural grass based on injury location (lower extremity, upper extremity, torso), sport, level of competitive play (freshman, junior varsity, varsity), and practice versus competition injuries.https://www.uhhospitals.org/for-clinicians/articles-and-news/articles/2019/08/artificial-turf-versus-natural-grass

While I can not find an article (in 10 minutes of extensive google research) that supports the artificial surface, the main concern I see is climate.  How often you have to re-sod grass fields.




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