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Back from vacation, talk to me about your training camp interests.


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1 hour ago, mrcompletely11 said:

The more I read about him the more I like him.  He reminds me of a classic Belicheck pick in the mold of "dont tell me what he cant do, tell me what he can do" and we know this kid is a devastating blocker and anything beyond that is simply gravy.

Same, I'm hoping that he can help with both pass pro and lead blocker for CMC.  Should be really fun.

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6 hours ago, bLACKpANTHER said:

1- Jaycee Horn compared to Chris Gamble
2- Are Shi Smith/Marshall similar to Moore or Samuel
3- Tremble a Greg Olson or more Brad Hooverish
4- Burns/Brown/YGM/Reddick looking Top 10? Top 5?
5- Can Chuba be a 1000 yard runner.

Fixed it for Ya.

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  • Is there cohesion between Darnold and the top 3 WRs?
  • LT, LG competition and is Moton is lining up at LT or RT.
  • Are we using a true FB?
  • Who is getting the bulk of the reps opposite of Burns?
  • Who is getting most of the snaps next to Brown.
  • Is Perryman getting the defensive calls or is Shaq?  How are they doing getting the defense set?
  • Is Chinn playing more in the box or truly playing the back end?
  • How is our first rounder looking?
  • Where is Pride Jr. fitting in?  Outside depth or nickel?
  • Are we really cutting Jansen or does the rookie LS need some grooming?
  • How does Joey Slye look?
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