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Record Predictions

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2 minutes ago, Panthera onca said:

10-7, cast iron lock.

"Matt Welch: 10-7 (Wild Card)

But the time to strike for a Wild Card berth is now for Carolina. Pieces are in place. The defense was much improved and got even better through free agency this offseason. I look for the defense to hold teams enough for Carolina’s offense to get wins. All of this, of course, rests on Sam Darnold’s shoulders. Until proven otherwise in Carolina, I’m on the Darnold train here. I’m under the thinking that all QBs stink it up in New York. So I’m betting on him being efficient enough to move the ball and score points, as long as Christian McCaffrey stays healthy. If the offensive line holds up and Darnold makes good decisions, I’ll give them a playoff spot."

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Honestly, hard to find too much fault with these predictions.  Bucs on paper are the clear favorites in the NFC South, IMO the Panthers and Saints have good rosters overall but major questions at QB and OT for the Panthers and secondary for the Saints.  I likewise see the Falcons bottom out this year.

I'm all onboard with the 10-7 prediction and hopefully a wild card.  Ultimately, it would be nice to just be in the race all season long at this point.  

2017 and especially 2015 are getting long into the rearview mirror at this point... Rhule needs to prove his meddle at the NFL level this year and at least have a team competing for the playoffs.

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I hate to say it, but  7-10 is  how I'm seeing it at the moment. Darnold is too big of a question right now and I've got to see major improvement in the defense before I think Snow can handle the job. O-line is still a big question mark.

The only honest to goodness improvement I can see over last year and bank on, is that CMC will be back. He can make a huge difference and that gets them two more wins over last season's total.

I sure hope I am wrong about this, though.

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    • No chance. Covid can kill you the 2nd time around just as easily as the 1st.
    • Yeah.  Its not like I've posted a bunch them in here.  Most of them have been in the TB.   I posted this one because it was news that Darnold is likely vaccinated and it has ramifications on the team. The political addicts and strongly opinionated just can't resist.
    • I literally got polio from the Sabin vaccine as a small child. partially paralyzed for life as a direct result of the vaccine. you can find me on an episode of PBS's show NOVA somewhere in a dusty archive room. when I became a teenager I was obsessed with why a vaccine failed me. I learned everything I needed to know about how vaccines work and also why my situation was unique and EXTREMELY rare (6 kids out of millions got it like I did in 1980). I also learned about the role vaccines play in public health, and the nature of clinical trials, even in emergency situations, and how they can lead to a vaccine that is extraordinarily safe and effective in just a year or slightly more's time, while still checking every box needed to ensure just as safe a vaccination as the (Salk) polio vaccines that babies get to this day. I also learned about the new innovative mRNA vaccines and how they are honestly fantastic technology that delivers an extremely robust immunity response while totally bypassing the entire scenario like mine where someone could contract the disease they were trying to avoid through the vaccine. it's literally not possible. tl;dr I am a living and walking (with a limp) worst case scenario for vaccines. and I leapt at the chance to get my covid vaccination. despite living with the effects of a vaccine failure every day, I was still able to step outside of my own perspective and see the greater good. this is not a hobby or a pet political issue for me. this is my life. I put my well-being directly behind my actions. I was able to put my personal feelings aside and participate in a cultural event that leads to a greater good. what is your excuse?
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