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2021 draft class..


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James Bouknight 


comparison Jamal Murray/Zach Lavin. .. Thank you Mitch…


Kai Jones

It hard to find a comparison for him.. Maybe a more athletic and offensive gifted Mitchell Robinson/Homes 

Mitch was in his bag on this move.. The opportunity to develop Kai and not lose next lottery pick to do it…amazing..


JT thoR

My comparison is Bol bol skinny long tall can shoot and defend.. But Thor is way more athletic..

Mitchell maybe on to something here.. Bulk this kid up develop him you might have something..


Scottie Lewis

Will Barton?? Maybe you can never have to many wings..

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Mitch hit this one out of the park. 

I just hope people don't get their expectations too high on Kai Jones early on. I expect him to back up Plumlee for a little while and give us some energy on the 2nd unit and take a year or two to develop into a starter. 

But it's pretty apparent that his ceiling is the roof (lol). And he's going to be so much fun even when he only is contributing energy minutes and some high flying dunks. 

Not to mention that Bouknight has the makings of a star. His offense is going to be sooooo much better with NBA spacing. This dude is so smooth and just knows how to get buckets. His off-ball game when he rotates beside LaMelo is going to be insane. 

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1 hour ago, CanePantherHornet said:

Watching Kai Jones tape makes you realize why they wanted him so bad. Lamelo is going to just be lobbing passes like crazy.

I see Thor in that role as well.  He seems a bit awkward, but will grow into his body.  Been watching video all night trying to catch up. 

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5 hours ago, WOW!! said:

Mitch added some undrafted talent tonight as well.. 

Dj Carton

Elifre Payton type.. Not a great shooting PG but attacks the rim like a savage.. Got handles as well.

Get em Mitch…



Lefty that seems to move left when possible.

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Charlotte Hornets

Draft Picks: No. 11 - James Bouknight, G, UConn; No. 19 - Kai Jones, C, Texas; No. 37 - JT Thor, F, Auburn; No. 56 - Scottie Lewis, G, Florida

Grade: A+

Analysis: The Hornets had one of the best drafts in the league, with only Golden State challenging that notion. They were the beneficiaries of explosive scoring guard Bouknight sliding out of the top 10 - a player that was anticipated to go just outside of the top five on most final mock drafts. Then, they reportedly traded a future first-round pick to the New York Knicks for the No. 19 pick, in which they landed an athletic and mobile big man in Jones, filling a much-needed void in the middle. Jones to Charlotte was my favourite fit on my mock draft, even if I expected it to come with their first lottery pick.

The idea of LaMelo Ball pushing the pace in transition with Bouknight on the wing and Jones running the lane is scary to think about, adding to weapons like Terry Rozier, Gordon Hayward, Miles Bridges and PJ Washington.

And before the night even began, they reportedly sent a second-round pick to the Detroit Pistons for veteran center Mason Plumlee and the No. 37 pick. With that selection, they grabbed a lengthy defender in Auburn's Thor.

It was a productive evening for Charlotte.


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