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Panthers are 3.5 point home underdogs to Saints.


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I'm sticking with my prediction from the season prediction thread:

Week 2 vs New Orleans Saints - Win (2-0). I predict Winston has a huge game Week 1 and throws 4 TDs with no INTs. Which means, it's quite possible he does the opposite against us the next week. I just think he will be riding high and so he starts the game slinging it. Bottling Kamara will be a problem.

W 24-20

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9 hours ago, SizzleBuzz said:

Yet the collective "opinion" of the "market" has an amazing ability to accurately signal the outcome. 

Correlation is not causation. And I wouldn't call it amazing, so much as proof of the efficacy of statistical analysis when provided with ever increasing reams of data about a limited subset. Regardless, I don't much get emotionally involved with sports betting prognostications.


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14 hours ago, mbarbour21 said:

Seems fair. We barely beat the Jets AT HOME, Saints destroyed the Packers (on the road I think, but it wasn't at GB either right?). Either way, we don't deserve to be favored in this game. The Packers looked horrible yesterday, but the Saints took advantage of that. Our game should have been a blowout, but it wasn't. We didn't take advantage of our opportunities. A team who's red zone scoring is 25% will most likely never be favored.

Our score was closer than the game. Solve the RZ woes and it’ll be fine. Didn’t even have to be TDs…just points at all. One more TD and a FG makes the score 29-14. Not particularly close. That would be TDs on 50% of the RZ trips which still isn’t great. 

I also like our chances of getting Jameis rattled early with him coming off a big win. I’m gonna say 17-3 at halftime. CAR holds on to win 26-24 with a sack/TO on downs as JW is trying to drive to win. 

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I told my older brother to take NO with the spread.. he’s more of a betting fan than a football fan….


personally, I would never bet against my team but I told my brother to… as with any sibling rivalry, I hope I misguided him…. Or let them cover the spread & we still win on a last second ff by teh new guy….

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Feels like one of those where you put $20 on the Saints then end up winning way(unless we lose by 1-3 points).

There’s no way that less than 80% of the public money is on the Saints with that line and their performance Sunday. Also, gives me hope as one of those “if it looks like free money then Vegas knows something you don’t” lines

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15 hours ago, NAS said:

It basically is 6.5 because the home team gets an automatic 3 points home field advantage 

I kinda wish we got to play them a little bit later than week two. Not having any real home games and living out of hotel rooms will wear them down eventually. They will still be pretty fresh only 8 days into the season.

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