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Thomas Davis on Good Morning Football + the Tie Debacle is settled!


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4 minutes ago, CanePantherHornet said:

He was only good at cap management because he fired the majority of our star player. I get that there's a time to move on and you can't keep everyone, but you have to make smart decisions. Gettleman would cut key parts of the team only to sign horrible contacts like Matt Kalil. What Gettleman did at WR and CB single handedly shot the team in the knee for several seasons. 

Fair enough and great point. That Kalil contract was one of the worst in the team's history. But he was responsible of cleaning up a terrible cap situation, which required some tough cuts. But he handled it terribly. Maybe we just didn't see Gettleman long enough to see poo hit the fan fully with the cap. A few more Matt Kalil contracts would've got us there pretty quick. But he's not off to a great start with the Giants, that's for sure.

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23 minutes ago, EgoDogg said:

The argument on who was worse is almost not worth getting involved in. Gettleman was worse in a lot areas that Hurney was strong, and the vice-versa was true as well. They both had some strengths, such as Hurney in round one, and building a team quick, but the issues with cap management, after round 1, and the loyalty tax were major faults. But Gettleman was better at cap management, being more business first, but he was fuging ruthless, which isn't always a good thing. And bup bup bup. He wants everyone to know he's the boss.

Out of the two, I preferred Hurney, but I put more stock into not being a piece of poo human being. I'm glad to have Fitterer now.

Agree with everything but who you preferred. Give me 4 playoff seasons in 5 years over 3 in 13. 

Then again, I too am glad we have Fitt now. Seems like a dude that isn't content on resting on his laurels. 

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21 minutes ago, NAS said:

It makes Rivera look even worse, because he submitted to Gettleman instead of standing up for his players.  

This. The GM should not be dictating a players time on the field. The GM builds the coach puts them in position. 

Gettleman is trash anyway look at his mess in NY. His best player is probably bradberry. 

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1 minute ago, Pantherxtreme said:

Maybe he did push back, Gettleman was fired after all. Who knows what was going on behind the scenes that led to his termination.

Marty was behind the scenes trying to cover up JR's dirty laundry and weasel his way back in.

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2 hours ago, CRA said:

moving on from 89 was the right call.  Just handled poorly.  and poorly is how Gettlemen dealt with humans. 

I think we should have waited until the end of the 2014 season to do it.  We were thin on Cap space and cutting him cost us more for that year because we had to go out and sign someone to replace him. Could have told him at the beginning of the season, Steve you have been one of our all time greats, but the intent is to move on next year.  And give him the choice to retire or go to another team.  I doubt waiting till the end of the 2014 season would have changed our fortunes much.  

Of course, in the end, it doesn't really matter now.  

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