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REPORT: Texans have had serious trade talks regarding Deshaun Watson with Dolphins, Eagles, and Panthers

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14 minutes ago, joemac said:

What do you mean “show up?” It’s not like he can just storm the field with the first team and demand to practice. The coaches tell the team who’s on the field when. 

Show up at the facility. Tell them he's ready to play. He's just staying at home and saying he's never playing again for the Texans. They're like, "Okay." The NFL is like, "Phew... thank god."

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45 minutes ago, Varking said:

Can you trade for a guy and have a clause that if he is found guilty/gets forced vacation time away from the team by the court or by the NFL we get some draft capital back? It’s too big of a risk to trade for him before his court stuff plays out. 

I would say that this Watson trade would have something like that in it. Teams do it all the time. For example, the Carson Wentz trade. It’s an unconditional 2nd round next year that could turn into a 1st. I bet there will be a clause that Watson has to play so many games this year or next year to determine whether Houston will get a 1st or 2nd.

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3 hours ago, uncfan888 said:

Guy I work with is a huge dolphins fan and he said that he thinks Tua has actually played well. But given the choice between Tua and Watson, you have to take Watson

I can’t believe that a team is willing to give up a top 5 pick and multiple first round picks for a guy who might not ever play again. 

Everyone realizes that Mike Vick went to JAIL for dog fighting and his career was basically ruined at after 7 years. People can say what they want about the Philly stint.

Dog fighting is serious…but what Watson is facing is even more serious. He could legitimately go to jail. How do you give up Tua and a trove of picks with that possibility?

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9 hours ago, CRA said:

Dolphins have spent months and months basically telling everyone they are done with Tua….

Tua’s actually gotten off to a decent start to his career.  That’s all.  Winning record.  Decent comp%.  Good TD vs turnover numbers.   He defiantly isn’t looking like a bust.  He just didn’t  have a Herbert, Cam, type entrance into his career. 

Tua might end up being the gold in the deal.  Not that I think he will be as good as Watson in his prime.  But he could be good….and actually available to play QB

The Dolphins still take him out of the game and let the backup come in for a couple of snaps. If Deshaun was there would they still do that?? Hell no they wouldn’t. That tells me everything that  I need to know about Tua. If Tua was a franchise QB then the Dolphins would not be considering Deshaun. If the Panthers chase Tua and bring him in to be the starting QB, then I will start having serious doubts about the ability of this staff to evaluate talent.

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3 hours ago, SizzleBuzz said:

Doesn't matter where he lives, the behavior won't change.  

He's headed down a very bad path...

If there isn’t any sort of punishment I don’t see someone like him stop doing what he does. He may try to be more discrete because of the publicity he got but yeah I think he will continue to do it.

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5 hours ago, MechaZain said:

Trading for Watson after forcing the founder to sell the team behind sexual misconduct would be an incredibly bad look on Tepper and this franchise.

Is there such thing as bad attention?  Talk about being relevant again...

I agree 1,000% with your sentiment there.  Would be a total poo storm.

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10 hours ago, cardiackat88. said:

I was so sick of hearing this MONTHS ago.

For fugs sake, auto change his name to Bill Cosby and send anything related to him straight to smack central.

How many god damn times do we have to have this stupid discussion?

Wouldn't the name change to Big Ben be more appropriate given the occupation. 

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