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Do we even want to talk about the Falcons game or are we just chalking up another loss?


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I’m watching just to see how they respond. This game will tell you more about this coaching staff than any prior game has to date. If they come out flat and get stomped, big changes will need to be made. 

If they bounce back, I’ll have a little faith restored that Rhule is capable of righting a listing ship. 

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24 minutes ago, BurnNChinn said:

I feel bad for Gilmore lol he can to u defeated team and now we haven’t won since we signed him. I don’t think he even plays for us. Rhule already said he didn’t think he was ready lol. I mean I don’t know what is going on with this team.

Things sure have changed Gilmore since he made the move.   He might start paying extra close attention to his body to make sure it actually feels good to go.  

I wouldn't blame him.  A very good vet on a one year deal.  I don't know anything about Gilmore the guy.  But I frankly wouldn't blame him for making business decisions. 

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I'm not sure how we win another game if we can't beat a 1-5 team without THREE OF THEIR BEST PLAYERS on offense. 

I mean, we scored THREE points in 60 minutes, that is UNHEARD OF even for BAD teams. 

We suck, it's not a surprise as anyone with a set of eyes should have had concerns about Sam, Gase or not, it's like when we lost Simien in 2016, there was no film to prepare for, now there is on us, same thing with Kyle Allen, and TB; teams got film and after that it was a wrap. 

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It's hard to envision this team winning another game right now. We just got blown out by a previously one win team missing half of it's offense. Now this whole Watson debacle admitting that we're in panic mode at QB? Oh wee mayne. Not sure if Rhule and company will ultimately survive this. Even if they do I'm not sure they SHOULD.

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