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A little coaching info from Person

Mr. Scot

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2 hours ago, mrcompletely11 said:

not sure if it goes here but peter king on "slow news day" podcast dropped the panthers as a potential landing spot for tom brady in 2023.


total poo show if that is an option

If it helps ease the pain, somebody was speculating recently that Brady would be a Raidah next year.  That seems like something they would do, especially with McDaniels as HC.

But, yeah.  Not interested in Brady.  He looks done. 

If The Process was still here, I'd be more concerned.

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1 hour ago, Ricky Spanish said:

I don't even know is shaq will even be here next year.

I like Wilks. I like him as a dude and I respect the poo out of him. I just don't necessarily trust him as the HC. I feel like it's just more of the same of the Rivera/Fox Era's.

Cap wise it would be a good idea to release him and draft a cheap LB. 

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    • Dallas Turner is so good he’s the reason Drew Sanders had to go to Arkansas. Drew got hurt and missed a bunch of games. Dallas got his spot and wasn’t giving it up. Will be a top 10 pick next year. 
    • As a big nickel only--but he is too good to limit his play like that.
    • Replacing DJ Moore's production? You can reach into a hat and pick out any WR. 9 targets per game; 59.1% catch; 8.4 ypt; 41.1% 1st; 3.4% TD.   Ashton Dulin 63.5% catch; 8.7 ypt; 44.2% 1st; 5.8% TD In case you don't know the name, he is from Malone University and went undrafted. He has been the #4 WR for the Colts under Reich the last 2 seasons and Reich has had him on the Colts roster all 4 seasons he has been there. Toss him 9 targets a game and he outperforms DJ Moore. No need for money ball here. You can throw darts at a board and not worry about losing production. Not hard to find 4 WRs who can produce better than DJ Moore. You can draft 4 rookies in mid to late rounds in this draft and get better production from all of them with Cam Newton and his bum shoulder throwing to them. Moore has had 5 seasons to show he can be a playmaker, and Reich did not see it just like the entire fan base that kept hoping he was a legit #1. Moore will be a good #2 somewhere, but Thielen is a better and more reliable #2.
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