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I feel very strongly about this... Derek Carr.


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I'm not scared of signing Carr. He's better than our previous options work.

I get why folks don't want to go with another "veteran reclamation project" but you also have to look at the player himself. How much actual "reclamation" is really involved in sighing Carr?

We're not talking about another Sam Darnold here.

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I'm ok with signing Carr as a veteran, as long as we set our sites on a young QB high in the draft this year or next.  I think Carr gives us the luxury of deferring our young QB acquisition until next year, whereas right now it needs to be sooner rather than later.

People say the Raiders had a lot of talent but he could not lead them to the playoffs this year.  Perhaps, but he was good enough to help propel that team to the playoffs last year, something Raidahs' fans have noted in their indictment of McDipstick.  Let's remember, that genius left the Broncos is a pile of ashes before he was jettisoned, and he would likely be out of work right now (or back in New England as the OC under Hoodie) if the Raidahs organization had any money. 

So somebody is going to capitalize on Vegas' making a bad HC hire and being stuck with that for a while.  It might as well be us.  He may be the best FA QB available, assuming the trade possibilities dies under its own weight.  I doubt anybody is going to trade for his current contract while the sand is running out of that hour glass.

I don't know if Carr can get the Panthers to an Owl, but I agree with you, he can get the team to the next level and fills an immediate need regardless of whatever else we do to address that need:  a starting QB.

But, it is up to what the new staff thinks of him.  As @Mr. Scot said, he is not really a reclamation project.  He just needs to be utilized, something that is beyond McDipstick.

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I’m good.

im not about going to continue to dig through other people’s trash to patch the most important position in sports.


Carr has been second in the NFL in ints only behind Baker since Mayfield has been in the league.  He’s a poor man’s Kirk Cousins who ceiling is win you the division in a weak division.

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