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Panthers favoring Levis?

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Drafting QB’s is hit or miss at best. I’ve continuously seen the “next year is better” mantra and it never seems to play out. Everyone remember the year where Howell and Rattler were going 1 and 2? Howell went in the later rounds and Rattler stayed in college/transferred due to his year. The key is having guys who can develop QB’s. For once, I think we’ll have that. Anyhow, as folks said, it’s February, there’s a long way to go.

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1 hour ago, TLGPanthersFan said:

Maybe. We have no idea. Saying we have less competition right now is misguided when there is a good chance we will have competition next season. 
Also everyone was saying this years class was good and now look. Same thing will happen next off-season. 
I guarantee it. It is a vicious cycle. 

This yr has zero to do with last yr...its just a bad qb draft

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1 minute ago, mrcompletely11 said:

Yeah how about just be patient a d develop someone 

This draft offers a multiple top position picks and a deep pool at several positions if need.Namely LB,CB,even TE.lets not sacrfice a top pick to a philosophy of keep drafting a qb til one sticks...which is pure stpidity.

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4 hours ago, Jaxel said:

The answer is to do whatever it takes to get the QB you like. No more of this wait  next year no sense.

I guess the team just doesn’t really feel like it’s at the beginning of a rookie QB window for me. 

There are all kinds of ways to succeed and if Reich is a good coach it’ll work out regardless. 

I guess I’m just having a hard time thinking about when trading up into the top 5 of the draft has worked out at all. If the cost is 1-2 future first rounders I think that really hamstrings a team. 

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2 hours ago, Lame Duck said:

Levis footwork is poo but physicality and arm reminds me of John Allen.

Is this John Elway and Josh Allen's nephew?

I really don't want the Panthers using all their draft capital to move up because it would take almost everything we have.  Those are the consequences of being a middling to below average NFL team.

I believe AR will be there at 9 and as many questions as I have about him, his ceiling may be higher than any of the others in the draft.  If the FO does its due diligence and Reich and unnamed OC and QB coach are onboard with thinking he can develop into an NFL QB then let's go.


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3 hours ago, RockyTopVol said:

I say if you can't trade up for Stroud or Young, draft BPA at 9 and trade a 3rd for Trey Lance. 

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If the Panthers can't or don't trade up for one of the top two prospects, then give the buffet boy(Corral) a chance.


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