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Reported asking price from Raiders for #1

Peon Awesome

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On 3/10/2023 at 4:53 PM, *FreeFua* said:


Some of us wanted to take that 1st and change for DJ at the deadline. I feel like we basically got that with including him in this trade 

We swap 1’s this year. Giving up SF 2nd rounder this year. Then we’re out our 1st next year and our 2nd the following year 

Including DJ allowed us to save our 2025 1st rounder and change 

I really think we did quite well considering we WERE picking 9th

I said that as soon as the trade happened 

Including DJ allowed for us to send SF’s 2nd rounder instead of ours which is a pretty big deal

Then obviously we got to keep our 1st rounder in 2025

If we end up trading a 3rd or 4th for Nuk to replace DJ then we really did do well

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Without a consistently good QB what does a decent to good WR mean in the grand scheme of things? 

Saw a lot of other NFL fans and talking heads saying we lost the trade badly mostly bemoaning the loss of DJ

Steve Smith did a pretty good en depth analysis of DJs stats over the years and basically he isn't anywhere near as dominant as people make him out to be . 

Near the beginning of the video when he's talking about DJ with the panthers. You'd be suprised how middling/average ish  he ranks in a lot of categories. 

Nobody arguing that DJ isnt GOOD but my problem is all these people making it seem like we gave up a 25 year old Jerry rice.

Start around 14 min mark.



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2 hours ago, Peon Awesome said:


Stumbled on this article that said Chicago wanted the following from the Raiders for the #1 pick:

Pick 7

Pick 38

2 Future 1sts (Presumably 2024 and 2025)

Future 2nd


Let's compare to what we gave:

Pick 9, Pick 61, 2024 1st, 2025 2nd, DJ Moore


Let's assume they were OK with a 2025 2nd from Las Vegas to simplify things.

That means DJ Moore was valued as:

2025 1st

Value needed to get from pick 61 to 38 (at least an extra 2nd)

Value between pick 9 and 7 (probably a 3rd and 4th?)


That would put DJ's perceived value by Chicago as roughly a future 1st, 2nd, 3rd AND 4th.

Even if you assume Chicago would have to come down a bit since that was too much for the Raiders and that some of this was posturing, even anything close to that is tremendous value for DJ. It sucks to lose him, but in this case I think it justifies the price.


for a wr that racked up yards in trash time and disappears when poo gets hard (redzone) averaging 3-4 TDs a season…Feilds won’t be bailed out by DJ in the end zone and you don’t give up those kind of picks for that…hell they could’ve traded less for cmc lol

well has a Fit non believer I will admit was a good deal for us and the only reason it isn’t great is we have nothing left WR wise…like nothing

 But I’ll take good

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