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fug it.....I was wrong.


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It is what it is. Pretty much this was the last game I will even have on as background noise. 
When something isn’t fun anymore why bother? 
I just hate that if Tepper follows his normal pattern Riech will get a year 2. Fitter will get one more chance and the team will continue to sell you feel good crap pieces. 

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4 minutes ago, PanthersGOATFan336 said:

Nfl ready




Steph curry

Point Guard

Am I missing anything..


Bad route design on that play. Who design 3 check downs 3 yards from the line of scrimmage, what do you think the defense is going to do?


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4 minutes ago, TheBigKat said:

I was right about CJ being the #1 pick

I was right that Reich was a lackluster coach, there’s not enough lipstick to put on that pig

CJ couldn't even outplay my Ridder at QB which is why he struggled to score against one of the worst secondary defense in the league. Bryce played better against a much tougher Lions defense. Bryce with no breakaway receivers yet managed to pass over 200 plus yards, more than your Goff, for those who are obsessed with passing yards.





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12 minutes ago, LinvilleGorge said:

I said leading up to the draft that I was fine with Bryce, Stroud, or Richardson. I personally ranked them Richardson, Stroud, Bryce, but whatever. I had confidence in this staff to identify and develop the right one.

Well, fug 

At this point I am skeptical about Richardson even lasting until the end of this rookie deal.

Stroud though....that one might hurt for a while.

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Just now, thennek said:

Does not matter if fans are wrong. It only matters if the Panthers decision makers are right is wrong. Since 2018 there has been more wrong than right and that is the problem. 

All NFL dumpster fires are started at the top. Tepper has thoroughly proven to be the worst owner in the NFL. There is no longer any counter argument to that.

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I said that our ceiling ing was seven games, but I didn't forsee this train wreck. 

I thought that with all that brain power on staff, that we'd pick the better QB. I never trusted Reich to be a great coach or even an above average  one, but his situational creativity is nonexistent, if not his situational awareness in general. I knew that there was the potential for uninspired play calling, but I thought that he'd at least be average. 

Now, all I can do is hope, but I can't even really find hope because it's most certainly lost. 

Sigh, man. And my son got me a Young jersey back in July, but Dick's only has a 45-day window. I still told him to try and return it for a store credit because it's still in the birthday bag that he gave me. The plan was to wear it with his first victory. Well...

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6 minutes ago, ForJimmy said:

I’m pretty sure a majority of the Huddle wanted Stroud. There was a poll and he was the leader by a good margin. 

At first CJ was leading those polls. But as soon as those test scores came out, lol. It flipped. Then when the Huddle found out it was going to be Bryce, you were not only a moron for still wanting CJ but you were dead wrong.

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