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I heard yall wanted Bryce to bulk up this offseason

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No matter how much he ever bulks up, he'll never have an above average starting NFL QB arm strength, not even close. 

There are 32 starting QB's at any given time, he'll never have better than the 16th strongest arm, he'll be lucky to ever crack the Top 25 in any season of arm strength and it's something everyone knew going into it.  

The problem is that it was significantly weaker than even expected and his super brain couldn't make up for it like everyone said it could.  

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42 minutes ago, ProcessBlue2 said:

Say what you want but Matt Ryan and Eli had Granny arms and could spin it harder than Bryce ever has. We will see when the hype wears off.



yeah their arms might have been skinny  but look how broad their shoulders are & the length of their arms & maybe just maybe that  length × width has alot to do with the velocity on the football moreso than the muscle in their biceps & forearms

look at Elway & Jeff George they both had a cannon for an arm & also had similar builds to Eli & Matt Ryan

I am not even sure that muscles have alot to do with velocity sure some but no not alot...just saying 

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38 minutes ago, Aussie Tank said:

His throw velocity will improve with better footwork 

This is true.  His velocity isn’t great but it’s good enough when he is set properly.  Issue is, it is routine in the NFL to have to make lots of throws each week when you simply aren’t able to have ideal mechanics.  His height likely increases how often that will be I would think. 

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All the stuff that drags his game down won't show up until preseason games. Until then it's just a build up to that let down. He can't see enough of the field and the NFL isn't forgiving to those that can't adjust.

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17 minutes ago, csx said:

It's amazing how much yall can say the same things over and over and not annoy yourselves with it.

Those Bryce hating clowns are really annoying. They are so stupid too, not thinking he is gonna be great. I mean, last year everyone said he was gonna be great and he would have been too except for everybody else sucked, what do you expect him to do?

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