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Houston will let Watson rot

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NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports "no one believes" Deshaun Watson will be traded. 

That's via sources "knee deep" in the situation. Rapsheet appears to be referring to teams that might be interested in acquiring the elite young quarterback. Rapoport also reports the Texans do not view either the start of free agency or the draft as "any sort of deadline." Rapsheet believes the drama will last for a "very, very long time." That is consistent with the established facts, as each side continues to dig in, both out in the open and via leaks. 


Looks like we’ll be drafting a QB.

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I feel like they're gonna pull this tbh. This is in their character. 

Hyped for Lance and Fields personally. Even more hyped if we can get one of them by trading NEXT year's picks to Miami if we have to give up a first--salary cap will be higher and they can offset loss of the pick, which could be like middle of first round at worst imo, then sign a free agent to compensate. 

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I'd gladly give up next years first and third to move up for Lance or Fields bc the salary cap will be higher and we can position ourselves to be better as far as cap space goes. Plus with the low salary cap this year, more good players will be on one year deals, banking on themselves in anticipation of higher cap in 2022. Agents will make sure of this.

Miami I has been a trade down machine in recent years. They can get a WR or Pitts at 8 for Tua who they've invested 5 in last year. 

Be optimistic for once. 

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2 minutes ago, Vagrant said:

the texans will not admit they are taking offers for deshaun watson until you hear a trade announced. the best way to suss out the best offer is to put a not for sale sign up. not saying anything is imminent, but there is very much a time element to this. if you play chicken with deshaun and then end up trading him a year from now, you will have effectively pushed your entire building process back a season and paid everyone on your team a salary for a season that is entirely wasted. you have also lost the battle of public opinion. fans these days are far more player oriented than team oriented it seems. if a "free deshaun" movement starts, you're going to look even worse than you already do. especially with the optics here. white texas sports owner. star black athlete. it's not something you want to hit air especially with the undertones of a racial element already permeating. there are some cards to be played that have yet to be played by watson and his camp.  

what they are attempting to do is to break deshaun with the idea of spending six years in purgatory even though it's an untenable thought. this kind of play might have worked in different times, but not these times. they want to wait him out and see if he is any less angry and hope they wake up from the nightmare, but watson is making it clear that he's not playing around and he's not hiding. it's a bold, bold move to go meet your new head coach and say "I will never play here again." that sounds like a pretty committed individual. meanwhile, you have the richest owner in the league sitting in front of you with a blank check, perhaps almost literally, and prepared to give you as close to unfair value as they can stomach. sitting him a full season then trading him is not an option. you either don't trade him and hope he reports or you flat out lose if you wait longer than the draft to get this done. because if they don't, fans everywhere will talk about who was available with the 8th overall pick that the Panthers were trying so hard to give you and how far behind you put the team by not taking it. 

The free Deshaun movement and hate the team has already begun. Read and social media comments on any Texans post (excluding the ones about charity) and it’s all “fire easterby” “sell the team” “trade Deshaun”. That fan bas me has already turned sour towards management. I’ve had a feeling this whole time they will not trade and I truly believe that. BUT I think if they do trade him, it will be to us. It won’t happen sadly. The Texans are gna hold on to him until the bitter end. 

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