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I'm still a little salty Chinn didn't get DROY!

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I was looking up Gil Brandt this morning and happened to come across his December write-up on Jeremy Chinn in his article on the top 5 defensive rookies of last season:


The deserving front-runner for the Defensive Rookie of the Year award leads all rookies in tackles (100), and he also made NFL history by returning fumbles for touchdowns on back-to-back plays against the Vikings in Week 12. But his implementation by Carolina defensive coordinator Phil Snow is what has impressed me most. Snow has played the second-rounder out of Southern Illinois in multiple roles you wouldn't expect a player from a small college to immediately handle. When I was talking to Chinn on SiriusXM NFL Radio, he mentioned that the behind-the-scenes tutelage of former Panthers stud Luke Kuechly has also helped, with Kuechly serving like a second coach to him. You can see just how much Chinn means to the Panthers by watching Carolina's loss to Kansas City, which Chinn missed; without Chinn, the Panthers had to shuffle personnel in and out of the lineup in an effort to replicate his every-down impact, while Travis Kelce (10 catches, 159 yards) was free to rack up production without having to worry about Chinn.




Even Brandt gave him the "frontrunner" status and respect that he deserved. And, at least for me, nothing happened the rest of the season to change that. Sure, the WFT went to the playoffs, but that's a bullsh¡t way to judge the DROY! I mean, I'm not surprised due to the bullsh¡t politics, but Chinn deserved more than 4½ votes to Chase Young's 42½. That's NFL-AP B.S.

Anyway, notwithstanding that travesty, I do give merit to Brandt's praise of Phil Snow putting Chinn into positions to succeed. I also wasn't really cognizant of the role that Luke Kuechly was (and is) playing in Chinn's development. Glad to see Chinn give Luke that makes much-deserved acknowledgement pertaining to his growth. He's a special dude--yes, Chinn, and Luke!



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Agents use awards to negotiate higher salaries.  I think Chinn deserved it, but there is a bright spot.  Tre Turner, for example. Had a good year or two and got invited to every pro bowl after that--some as an alternate. He was above average, but he used these pro bowls to sound elite.  He got paid and became average to below average, his conditioning seemed to suffer--and we then had to trade him to absorb the losses of a contract based on past accolades.  

One side, the fan side, wanted it for him.  The business side decided it was a meaningless award that would hurt the team more than help it.


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25 minutes ago, mickeye76 said:

We should trade him for a disgruntled QB.  

I'm okay with that, assuming we are talking about Watson. Good Idea!

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If tackle numbers were a true indication of how well a player was playing Boston would still be on the team.

Don’t get me wrong, he played great for a rookie, and got a lot of snaps at a lot of different positions, but tackles by themselves are often products of alignment and scheme.


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