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1 hour ago, kungfoodude said:

Too early. Let's see the draft first. Then we can jump the shark.

Yep, but all teams are drafting BPAs off their board and never reach blah b lah balah. All teams will improve in the draft......well except for the texans and seahawks..

To play along- 6 wins is my current number and its very shaky...  

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Well, let's look at this season's schedule, shall we?


Home: Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Washington Football Team, Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots, New York Jets, Minnesota Vikings

Road: Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, Arizona Cardinals

17th game (location TBD): Houston Texans


This season's schedule looks easier than last season's. At least on paper and before the season starts. It looks like the Saints and Falcons should be less talented. Especially the Saints but the Falcons have new coaches so we'll see. TB returned every old guy from last season. Can they repeat? I doubt it. I'd say we are at least .500 in division. 

We play the worst division in the NFL. Every team in the NFC east is beatable. Let's stay modest at .500 but really, I expect at least .750 here. 

Next we have the AFC east. Tougher than above but again, let's go .500 here.

Random, Vikings, Cardinals and Texans. All are beatable. Let's say .666 

Based on schedule and projected talent of these teams pre draft, I'd say low bar is 8-9 but honestly I expect better than that. I'd say between 10-7 and 12-5. I think both sides of the ball will be better and we will win some of those close games this season. I think a wild card spot is possible.


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