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Teddy- Should He Stay or Go?

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What is the best course of action to take regarding Teddy? 

(1) Trade him for very little before the season and eat a large portion of his contract (Avoid distractions- Free up a little Cap Space- choose a back up that is all-in).

(2) Keep him to back-up Sam and pay him all of his huge contract for sitting (maybe trade him later for something, have him available if something happens to Sam)

(3) Cut him (free him to find his own way- Free up a little Cap Space, but eat a lot of dead money)

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If you can’t find a trade partner(HIGHLY unlikely IMO) then I think they should simply cut bait at this point. 

I don’t doubt teddys professionalism and ability to coexist but bottom line is what do the Panthers gain from keeping him? If Sam goes down I would much rather see what we have in Grier if anything. 

They know and we know what teddy is and is not. Eat the dead money and move on. 

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Ultimately I think a deal is struck post draft, but I think our only real partner for a trade would be DEN. 

NE - Has Cam, so why would you trade for TB

WAS - Signed Fitz for 10M


Outside of a surprise bidder those are the three QB needy teams, reports are that DEN is NOT interested in a trade up, due to the cost to get to #4 (Swapping 1sts, likely 22' & 23' 1sts, and a day 3 pick in one of those years or this one). Drew Lock still has about as much potential as most here want to give Darnold, they could stand pat and take BPA, and trade for TB to improve their QB depth. They have a defensive minded HC in FanGio so this might be a fit for that offense.  

Since TB is likely to leave us on the hook for his salary even in a trade, I can't see us getting more than a 4th and maybe a conditional late round 6 or 7. 

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The problem, of course, is money.

To cut Bridgewater outright doesn’t make financial sense for the Panthers because he would cost them as much as $20 million in dead money. To keep him doesn’t make sense, either. He’s a $23 million salary-cap hit if he’s on the roster unless he takes a pay cut, and he would probably be a backup unless Darnold gets hurt.

Far more palatable would be Bridgewater’s agents negotiating with another team, doing something creative with Bridgewater’s current contract and then telling the Panthers what they’ve found. That, in effect, is exactly what is going on right now.

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It has all basically been said, but he needs to be traded from both the business and personal perspective.  His professional relationship is already damaged by the comments we know about (internally who knows how much more has been discussed).  Even if he stays there is slim to no chance he has the drive to overcome and beat out Darnold.  He needs another change where he can move on.

From a business side we HAVE to trade him - and likely still eat a large chunk of salary.  Any viable picks, players we get in return and money less than 20-mil is a win over cutting.   But I agree it is likely after the draft - at this point waiting a few weeks hurts no one and the draft could dramatically change a team's perspective or value of Teddy.  

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