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Post Draft - NFL Power Rankings

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Has this been posted?

Guess someone bet money on Panthers getting a QB and lost... 😂




Carolina PanthersCarolina Panthers Rank 28     (-2)

Previous rank: No. 26

Sam Darnold has spent most of this year buckled into an emotional roller coaster he wanted nothing to do with. The former USC star escaped the purgatory that came to define the final months of his doomed time with the Jets only to enter into a similar state of uncertainty in Charlotte. Would the Panthers make a big move at quarterback in the draft? Would Teddy Bridgewater remain in the mix? Was Darnold really going to get his chance? When the dust settled, Bridgewater was traded, the Panthers didn't use any of their 11 draft picks on a QB, and the team officially picked up Darnold's fifth-year option. That's a nice weekend.

Saw it on Facebook and then I googled and added a few others.



26 at Bleacher report


High: 24

Low: 26 

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. That appears to be the Carolina Panthers' mantra at quarterback in 2021.

After one disappointing season from Teddy Bridgewater, the Panthers flipped him to the Denver Broncos. But before that trade, they acquired Sam Darnold from the New York Jets.

Darnold's first three pro seasons weren't good, but he wasn't given much of a chance to succeed in New York.

In Carolina, Darnold will play with one of the NFL's best running backs in Christian McCaffrey. His passing-game weapons will include a familiar face in Robby Anderson, DJ Moore and explosive rookie Terrace Marshall Jr. And while Carolina's O-line wasn't great in 2020, it was better than the mess that "protected" Darnold in New York.

There's pressure to go with this second chance, though. The Panthers elected to draft South Carolina cornerback Jaycee Horn eighth overall rather than take a quarterback.

If Darnold can't turn things around, that decision won't soon be forgotten.



25 at Pro Football Network


Sam Darnold finds himself in a far better position than he has ever been at the NFL level. The Panthers are building something, but it won’t happen overnight.



25 at NBC Sports


Sam Darnold gets a fresh start in Carolina and is shocked to find out that a team is, in fact, allowed to give its QB real weapons. With Terrace Marshall, Chuba Hubbard and Shi Smith joining Robby Anderson and D.J. Moore, there will be no more excuses for Darnold, especially with Adam Gase’s stink washed away. 



28 at CBS Sports (-3 spots)


Sam Darnold is the new quarterback, but he comes with a lot of doubters. This will be a proving year for him, but the Panthers start the year clearly as the fourth team in the division.


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Saints seem very high.  Gotta think wiith film on him and starting a full season....Hill is going to take some lumps.  

I wouldn't be surprised if both Belichick and Payton have a distinct line drawn in their coaching careers.  The day their HOFers left. 

*but I'm also a full time Saints hater. 

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It's not surprising at all. All of these power rankings are based on last year's results and then changes. Our main change is Darnold, simple as that. If you used last year as a guide, Darnold was at the bottom of QBs. We may have faith that it was his situation and we can get him back in gear, but these lists are based on the knowns. Heck, Elflein and Erving aren't exactly star signings either. Also, the main assumption that while we like our deep draft, most of the 11+ rookies won't have an impact. Maybe assume that Horn and Marshall will be impact players but we've got a pretty solid WR corps already so really only Horn is a known impact.

Anyway, I am sure many will feign the disrespect and all that comes with that, but these lists aren't based on what could be, but what is already known and from that we haven't really added a lot and maybe QB is worse if they don't know Teddy.

If you could bet on final rankings, most of us would bet will be much higher than 28 at year's end.

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We were tied for 25th or so last year, haven't really lost much and gained a ton in FA and the draft... Darnold is the question mark but even if he sucks I think we're good enough to be in the middle of the pack... If he can turn his career around we're a playoff team easily. Glad people are sleeping on us.

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A lot of those have the Bucs in the top 2 and basically a guessing game for the rest of the South. I wonder how many prime time games NO gets this year without Brees. Probably like 2-3 as opposed to the 5 Brees got them.

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That’s where I would have us if Mono boy and all our picks bust. Realistically I think we’re closer to league average. Maybe 18 or so. Last year I bet on the under for our win total of 5.5. After our draft, I bet on the over of 7.5. 

So much of our success hinges on Danrold. I think more likely than not our supporting cast makes him look average or so, but in reality he’s a bust and not very good, with or without help. Hopefully fields doesnt ball out...

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34 minutes ago, Verge said:

All of this is entirely irrelevant. We have the talent to compete for a playoff spot right now. 

I want to believe. My fingers are crossed for a bit of good fortune for a change.

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