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Will Jaycee Horn wear Cam's #1?

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2 minutes ago, LinvilleGorge said:

All the other QBs we've had since Jake have been a lot more consistent. Consistently terrible.

Very, very few can even name the QBs between Jake and Cam. 

Those of us around prior to Cam, understand the impact he left.  Denying it just looks dumb.

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1st I doubt he would take the #1 jersey. That being said, is Cam in the HOF? Outside of the Carolina’s is Cam looked at as a Young, Moon, Favre, Kelly, Marino, Starr, Staubach, Unitas, Elway.... etc... 

My personal belief is unless you make it into the HOF your # is up for grabs. Now if the Team wants to do the old “Ring of Fame/Honor” and retire a # in that way. Sure, sounds great! Was Cam the best QB this team has had... Yeah! Does that mean he’s worthy of a retired number? Maybe. Cam might be popular and did great things but is he a “Jordan”? How many Rings/Championships did Cam get again?

Some of you guys are so pro or against a player you argue over everything. 

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12 hours ago, GOAT said:

I'm starting to see jerseys, photoshop, etc with him wearing #1.


With the new rule changes, this could easily happen.


Will the team veto it? Does Horn not care? Can't believe this hasn't been discussed yet...


He mentioned in an interview that he wants 24, because of Kobe

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14 hours ago, CRA said:

Can Shi Smith have 89 then? 

Cam Newton, the former league MVP, was the most impactful player in our franchise’s history.  No other player expanded our fanbase or brought national eyes and conversation to this org in the manner Cam did.   If Cam isn’t a Panther GOAT.  Panther GOATs don’t exist. 

I fully support the staff keeping that number on the shelf in the same manner they have done for other players.  You can pull it out when Cam retires. 

/End of discussion

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14 hours ago, LinvilleGorge said:

How many of them were league MVPs?

Cam is the most important player in franchise history. That reality chapping your ass doesn't make it any less true.






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He said in his post draft interview that he had been set on a number.  I dont remember which but it was in the 20s, but the rule change had started making him consider a single digit number but he didnt specify the actual number at the time.


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15 hours ago, WS Pantherfan said:

The only number the team has retired is #51 for Sam Mills. A lot of great football players have been in Carolina and not had there jersey number retired. Do you really think Cam's will be? Is he more important to the history of the franchise than Julius Peppers, Steve Smith, Luke Kuechly?

Yes, he unquestionably was.

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