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1 minute ago, kungfoodude said:

Male cheerleader getting R. Kelly'ed?

I don't get to attend many games at all, so I rarely even see cheerleaders, good or bad, male or female

Zod showed one lady years back in the rain.  It was like the other side of the Luke in the rain pic.  Both were fantastic

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1 hour ago, Zod said:

My lady (former topcat) says the dudes that made this squad are amazing dancers and she is really excited to watch them perform. A lot of emphasis on dancing ability has always been a thing in Carolina, unlike other places that concentrate on looks first and foremost. 

The Hornets had DJ's and Male/Female dance squads during halftime this year and it was cool. You're already watching a sport, cool to watch a broad range of people who are also insanely talented at their craft instead of run of the mill cheerleading

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My high school had male cheerleaders back in the late 90's.  I had no idea this wasn't commonplace.  Competitive cheer squads usually have males because they make a strong base for pyramids etc.

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    • While I agree with the basis of your assessments about different angles and overloads not being new, I would say that the personal they are using and the versatility they are displaying is new. They are hiding the play extremely well and can morph from there fronts into almost anything. They are able to read the offense and and call their exact plays from the field. They are making it very hard for the QBs to make pre snap adjustments. The OLs don't know who there assignments should be and the QB doesn't know if it's a run D or a pass D because it's both. When we see multiple defenders running past the OL untouched it means that the OL doesn't know what's coming. That's because they haven't see it before. The Saints OL is very experienced and considered to be top notch and they often looked lost out there. I think it's also giving the RBs problems as they can't read which hole to hit and they are not hitting lanes very hard so far and are therefore getting stuffed even by DBs. Even strong RBs can get flattened if they are attacking flat footed which is what I've seen these last 2 games. 
    • Leno was a FA and went for 5 mill on a prove it deal. Brown is going for double (totally worth that number) and we also would have to give something up for him.  Only thing I would say with Leno, Leno and Erving inside are better than Erving with elf inside. Elf was done in Minny, cooked in NYC and dead here. Not saying Leno is some savior or anything close. Now if we could find a LG well that be nice too. Kinda pissed we didn't ask for a friendly deal with the Bills when they moved on so early from Wyatt Teller but that's long gone now.   Pretty much anyone that's not big bucks will be a stopgap though, rather pay a penny not the pound that Brown was going to cost. 
    • That might be tough with their O line but I would love to see it. I don't like Dallas at all.
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