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Rumor: Hill to Start over Wintson Week 1

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According to Ben Volin of the Boston Globe, the impending quarterback battle between Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston is “not truly open” in Payton’s eyes. Payton reportedly plans to start Hill regardless, and only switch to Winston if his “experiment” with Hill fails.

Link: https://thespun.com/nfl/nfc-south/new-orleans-saints/report-sean-payton-has-a-surprising-plan-at-quarterback




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When they gave Hill that ridiculous contract they kinda backed themselves into a corner on this one. They pretty much have to have him outright fail as the starting QB.

They should go with Jameis and use Hill ad the same gimmick player he has been. So sure, roll with Hill. Sweet.

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I won't believe it until Sean Payton puts it out. I see Wintson as the QB1 and them continuing to use Hill as they have in the past. Maybe throw in a few more plays where they both touch the field. But maybe they are more confident in Hill than some may think. Regardless, lets hope they're still trying to figure it out week 2.

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    • But seriously, we gotta stop running Howell so much. 112 yards is nice, but 15 carries is too much. He's had double digit carries every game so far. I know he said he wanted to run more this season, but honestly 3-4 designed runs for him to keep the D honest is probably the right number. Another 3-4 scrambles. That's 6-8 carries. That feels about right. He's more athletic than most gave him credit for being coming into this season, but he's not Lamar Jackson by any stretch of the imagination. We're running him too much.
    • I agree that ESPN is anti Panthers, but I think the reason has little to do with politics or morality. ESPN like most media companies when covering sports, treats any smaller media market team without a big media star like dog poo. I am so sick of ESPN sucking the dick of the NFC East with wall to wall coverage of their team's practice squads when the entire division has basically been garbage for over a decade, meanwhile if we're not sporting the likes of a Cam Newton, the Panthers get David Newton attempting to do whatever it is that he does every so often, but not so you'd really notice. If you ever really wanna know which teams ESPN gives fug all about, just watch the draft and take note of which teams are drafting when they go to commercial.  Those are the teams they don't care about, one of which is almost always us.
    • that was clearly downed by 1 at the 12 yard line. 
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