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Captains announced


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1 minute ago, Manna said:

I hope Rhule didn't rig the voting this season like he did last season to get the QB a captain's badge (LOL - JK). off topic, but who was it that did that anyways?


I think the captain's badge is a fluid thing anyways. What really matters is how you lead your teammates and by example on/off the field, whether or not you have the badge. 

I think Ron appointed Captains some years.   There isn't a set in stone way of doing it. 

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For you young cats, I remember a time when Jerry Richardson and John Fox tried  to make Peppers into a vocal raw raw type leader... Wanna know how that turned out? Peppers had his worse season ever! It was so bad I remember rumors going around ole pep caught a STD LMAO and that's why he was having a down year. 

But just remember you can't push a player into being a vocal captain if that's not his nature.

Some you older guys might remember all of this. 


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3 hours ago, Tr3ach said:

Sam is one for all the people saying he wouldnt be.

The list of captains announced Thursday includes: Linebacker Shaq Thompson, running back Christian McCaffrey, cornerback Donte Jackson, defensive end Brian Burns, quarterback Sam Darnold, center Matt Paradis, right tackle Taylor Moton, and long snapper J.J. Jansen.

Wow what does that say about Jansen. You draft his replacement, and he calmly keeps his job as the young replacement struggles. Consoles Slye when he was on his way out the door during the last preseason game. Now he is named a team captain. From the ashes rises the phoenix. 

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3 hours ago, JABANOG said:

Burns? Why he's been terrible against the run and has never had a double digit sack season but hes Pep lol


CMC? Not a vocal leader really quiet guy I think his boys are already gone and he's emotionally detached just getting his bread


Moton? ehhh he's okay he's a tackle but when has he hyped the team up? Or even made a SPLASH play showing a mean streak? Or even punishing the opponent for hitting one of our guys late??


Nobody on this list is gonna stick up for the team in dire situations 

Your kind of stupid makes me smile. I don’t understand it, but I respect your commitment to it. 

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CMC, Moton, Shaq, and JJ seemed like no brainers. Especially JJ, given not only his tenure with the team but the way he was there for Slye when he lost his job during the preseason. 

Glad to see Burns & Darnold nominated. Shows what their teammates think about them. Not surprised by Paradis, as he's another older guy on a very young team.

Donte is a pleasant surprise. While we know he's prime to talk trash, it looks like the secondary looks to him as their go to guy. Love to see it.

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