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Official Eagles at Panthers GameDay Thread


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5 minutes ago, USDepartmentOfSavagery said:

They are competent but their not elite. They have been exposed the last 2 weeks and especially in this second half.

Again, what do you expect when they are on the field so often thanks to the shitty offense. If the offense makes something out of any of those turnovers or at least has an extended drive to give the D a breather things would be different. Instead they poo the bed forcing the D to come back out again. Sooner or later regardless of how bad the other offense is playing something is going to hapen.

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7 minutes ago, jayboogieman said:

The thing is that the PanthersonhItn

are in the same h tunobeclass as those teams. It's only year 2 of the rebuild. All the talk about playoffs was way too premature.

Not having the best player in the nfl active has a pretty big impact. Panthers at full strength are certainly a playoff team. But no Christian, no horn, no Thompson.. having 3x the turnovers and barely losing…

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19 minutes ago, PleaseCutStewart said:

1st INT one of the guards got pushed right in front of him as he threw it. Couldn't step forward on the throw.

2nd INT was bad because he threw to the wrong side of DJ. 3rd INT was bad also, but when you are behind the sticks because Miller is utterly worthless, you are going to have to take a chance.


Lesson of the story is someone needs to take a baseball bat to John Miller and end his career. I think putting a WR at RG couldn't be any worse. 

Honestly, whether he could step up into it or not, that first throw was just a bad decision.  DJ was bracketed.  Now, he may have forced it because he's comfortable with DJ and is feeling pressure before it's there so he just tried it, but none of them should've been thrown, imo.  

That being said, I 100%, completely agree with you on John Miller.  I dont just want him benched, I want him released.  I dont give a flying poo...  there is absolutely no way Jordan or Brown could be worse than this guy.  Promote both of them and get Miller off of this fuging roster.

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