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Very Discouraged By Rhule and His Comments After the Game


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25 minutes ago, Proudiddy said:

This overly optimistic, "there's always next year" approach from a large portion of our fanbase is what has us hovering around .500 as a franchise after 25+ years of existence.

I understand growing pains and such, but Rhule decided to stamp his brand on this franchise, and whiffed on one QB and is now not looking too hot on the other.  He (and Fitterer as well) also largely neglected the OL in the offseason despite the obvious need.  This defense is good enough to make a deep run in the playoffs if it had any inkling of complementary football from its offense and special teams units.  Yes, building a winning franchise takes time, but it doesn't have to take three years.  Sometimes it can take as little as one...  but our fanbase is so used to accepting mediocrity we make excuses for it.

We knew it was a rebuild from last year. Winning a few games early always raises expectations to unrealistic levels. Should we have won this game? Yes! Does losing it mean Rhule can’t coach and we are stuck at being a mediocre franchise? No. I just didn’t expect our team to scrap all it franchise players, repairs it’s salary cap, and be a playoff team in year 2. We had a ton of needs when Rhule took over. Let’s let him rebuild and not overreact. I mean Sam went from being a Tannehill/Rodgers one week to Jets Sam the next by our fans. Let’s just be patient and see how this season unfolds.

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1 hour ago, LinvilleGorge said:

Not trusting Darnold to throw the ball.

Jesus christ. He delivered the game winning pass and Robbie dropped it plain and simple.

He might have had a bad day.

But 43% pressure.

Multiple big drops.

Bad routes.

And the oline getting untimely holds putting us in 1st and 18 2nd and 15 didn't help.


All in all it was a total team failure today.

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1 hour ago, BIGH2001 said:

This team desperately needs McCaffrey to win. We are nothing without him, especially if DJ gets taken out of the game like he was today. It’s where we are. I think rhule kinda sucks as a coach but hopefully we have a GM who will give him enough pieces to win. It probably won’t be this year so get ready for more games like this. This team reminds me a lot of the 2002 Panthers that started 3-0 with a young defense playing out of its mind before crashing back to earth and finishing 7-9.

Problem is, CMC’s best days are behind him.  He can’t stay healthy now. 

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I sometimes question whether football coaches are just not bright people. They may have great football knowledge but have average to below average intelligence in anything outside of football.

Like it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that we haven’t been able to run up the gut with a single back in short yardage situations at any point the past 2 seasons.

fuging toddlers can figure out you can’t fit a round peg in a square hole.

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That 2 min. "offense" going into half was some of the worst coached/managed football I've ever seen....  The second half didnt get any better.....  I give the coaches an F for today...  And a low F at that....

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1 hour ago, Proudiddy said:

Even more troubling than seeing all of this, was Rhule stating in his presser that winning football is about running the ball and controlling the line of scrimmage.  I, and anyone knowledgeable of football whatsoever, would agree that controlling the line is an absolute must for winning football.  But the overall tone, and the emphasis on running the ball - it just reeked of Fox and Rivera

I mean, every damn rule passed in the last 20 years is the NFL trying to get teams to pass the ball and score more.

They are trying to HELP teams that can throw the ball successfully.

Now for those wanting to leap to the conclusion that what I am saying is that teams should *only* pass, then just please rethink that conclusion made by your simple mind.  I'm not.

Being able to run the ball is certainly important.  It slows the pass rush.  It makes your play calling less predictable.

But that doesn't put the lie to the fact that, with todays rules and with proper roster management, the overall environment of the NFL is friendlier to THROW THE DAMN BALL than to  RUN IT DOWN THEIR GUT.

If the latter above is still what you truly believe, then you are part of the damn problem.

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The last month on the Huddle-

30 days ago: We're rebuilding. It's a multi-year project.

After a 3-0 start: Hmmm, this team may be a playoff contender.

After the CJ & Gilmore deals: Fug the rebuild. Fitterer is wanting to win now!

After 2 consecutive losses: TBD

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2 hours ago, LinvilleGorge said:

The picks he's thrown over the last two games are so bad. Some picks happen. Balls get tipped. Sometimes defenders make unreal plays. But damn, he's hitting defenders between the numbers like they're the intended receivers.

Yes, this. Between Dallas and today, most of his interceptions have not been pressure-induced. He's flat out missing defenders as he reads the field and throwing gimme picks. It has me going from very optimistic from Houston to very pessimistic now. I don't think he is the answer.

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