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D. Brown

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For fugs sake get this man on the field.

If you really worried that much about his weight then tie a big mac to a string and dangle it in front of his face and make him do gassers.

Wtf ever it takes, get that man out on the field.

Maybe we can even do addition by subtraction by benching the the entire interior line and just having Brown play center and both guards at the same time. Can't hurt can it?

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Seriously, i'm so sick of Daley and Miller. One is a journeyman who has clearly regressed from last season. He is a decent depth option, but nothing more. Certainly not an every week starter. r. The other is just another 6th round pick(like Brown, though Brown should have gone higher), has trouble staying healthy, and gets blown away by D lineman like he's a leaf and the D lineman is the leaf blower. 

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1 hour ago, RJK said:

He at least 100% should be subbed in on short yardage situations. He’s prob the 2nd best run blocker on the team behind Erving and def the best among the guards 

Brown should be at Fb leading the way for our RB in the goal line like how Cowgirls do with McGovern. But, we don’t have any coaches with a creative mind. 

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Last season, we had to play a bunch of newbs, so I think we may have gotten it wrong about Rhule. He's seriously giving me some Rivera vibes, meaning he's going to play underperforming vets until he's absolutely forced not to, either via injury or the vet fugs up so much that even Stevie Wonder can see the need for a change.

Maybe once November arrives...

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I've never seen anyone effectively bull rush Deonte Brown, and that includes Derrick Brown. No one is going to push Deonte into Sam. No one.

I think Rhule has his finger in the pot of everything going on with this team, and that makes sense given his salary. We know that Rhule demands athleticism from all of his players, and Deonte sometimes moves like a tranquilized Rhino when asked to to get up field and haul ass. Rhule wants players hustling beyond just what their standard responsibilities involve.

I think Rhule wanted Deonte as a long shot who he MIGHT be able to slim down beyond the weight he's already lost. Rhule acknowledged that he may be one of those guys who can't lose much more weight than what he has already lost. Deonte might not be up to speed on the assignments on all these exotic fronts and stunts that we might face from week to week. Even so I bet he's wanting to play especially now that they have let Christensen out there.

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