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Aaron Rodgers tests positive for Covid


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17 hours ago, CRA said:

They knew he was unvaccinated.   And apparently let him violate protocal.  League IMO needs to hammer the Packers. 



NFL's protocols also specifically prohibit unvaccinated players from gathering with more than three other players outside of the facility,


Rodgers did attend the team's Halloween party last weekend and his John Wick costume did not include a face covering in the photos posted online.


Rogers posted the photos of the Halloween party.  He is so egotistical he thinks he is above and can flaunt the rules.



Rodgers’ attendance at a Halloween party hosted by tight end Marcedes Lewis last weekend also might be of interest to the league. Rodgers widely shared on social media photographs of his John Wick costume, and other photos and videos showed him partying with teammates while unmasked.

The NFL’s protocols state that unvaccinated players cannot gather with more than three teammates away from the team facility (unless while traveling with the team),




Rodgers, though, has not worn a mask during any of his weekly news conferences, which are held indoors in an auditorium-style room at Lambeau Field. He also has not worn a mask at any postgame news conferences,



IIRC, I think the 3rd string QB has also tested positive so far.


Rogers should have been run out of GB after his disparaging remarks about the city.

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What a cowardly thing to do.  Rodgers tried to have it both way.  At least people like Cole Beasely wear it on their sleeves.  For someone so fond of calling out others despite being a super sensitive snowflake, this should be a much bigger deal.

The vaccine isn't as much the issue as the lying and the cover up.  Rodgers isn't above the rules both the NFL and NFLPA created.  

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He knew, the team knew, and the league knew. That’s why they started pointing fingers as soon as this surfaced. League said it was the responsibility of each team, Matt LaFleur referred the question of Rodgers vaccination status to Rodgers. He tried to make the case to the league that his homeopathic remedy should qualify him as being “vaccinated.”  He was told, in no uncertain terms, that it didn’t. 

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