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How is this possible?


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1 minute ago, Panthercougar68 said:

It happened to the Steelers this year and they didn't have a back up either. I mean you don't really count on the kicker getting hurt sometimes poo happens

I understand that, but at least know who your emergency kicker is. Taking a poll right before the game is pathetic.

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WFT went through the same two weeks ago, and had the same results as us. They had to go for 2pt conversion the rest of their games, and their punter (tress way) had not attempted a field goal since 2009. It’s not like these punters, are asked to practice field goals at practice… that’s like asking a receiver to take hand offs and run HB dives and zone reads…..  what we saw today is normal in the NFL, unless you are a franchise that’s fortunate to have a dual threat Punter.



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9 minutes ago, bigdog10 said:

How is it possible that our punter has never attempted a kick off or a short fg? It’s hard to fathom. 

 Because he is a punter and not a kicker.  Why hasn’t our long snapper ever played WR?  Hard to fathom

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15 minutes ago, Zod said:



I guess I always took it for granted that teams know their personel and what happens if a kicker gets injured. 


Apparently we had never even addressed it. Tall about a poo show. 

Hey genius. How many football games have you watched, and how many times has this happened. If you post like it’s a general occurrence to fit your fire Rhule narrative, fine. Say that. You have a punter who is punter specific, it’s the risk you run. Deal with it. 

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