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Kirk Cousins Trade Potential?

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3 hours ago, KillaCamNewton said:

One played on some of the most talented teams of the era while the other one has played for perennial losers. Not calling Kirk an elite QB by any means but hes light years better than anyone we have and probably alot better than anyone in the next 2 QB classes

If you are looking at offensive talent surrounding the QB….present day Vikings are going to edge out some of those Dallas rosters Romo had.  

Minny got a crazy good trio right now at RB/WR/WR.  

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2 hours ago, Aussie Tank said:

Cousins is better than people give him credit for imo. 

He is literally a .500 QB.   Cousins doesn’t have “it”.  

All things being equal in terms of cost, I’d always prefer to roll with a lesser talented Jake type that is a gamer/gunslinger over what Cousins is. 

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4300 yards 33 TDs 7 ints 67% completion % and almost 12 yards per completion 


Cousins is pretty decent. Not a top 3 in the league but 29 teams don't have a top 3 QB. I wouldn't want to take on his current huge contract but that guy knows how to throw a football successfully. If he was a free agent I would take him especially if that was our only choice and nothing else.

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I'd love to take cousins if the contracts work and make sense, hes a much better qb that people give credit for.  He's thrown for over 4k yards every year that he's started 16 games.  He's a guy that puts up numbers and does win.  Lastly, he is a vet who would demand respect in the locker room which right now I look around and we feel like we don't have enough leaders in the locker room, lord knows our coach isn't one.

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