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Replacing Reddick

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I think our odd front D-Line could be very disruptive, especially if D. Nixon is able to develop and contribute. I can envision 3rd down packages where we remove Brown (our keep) and Have Nixon, Leonnidis, and YGM as our front with Littleton and Shaq behind them and Burns and Haynes (or Luvu) as the outside backers/edges. Sounds pretty formidable to me.

In even fronts I think we'll play a lot of nickel with Littleton and Shaq as our LBs. I'm betting Hartsfield will play the Nickel, but it could be Chinn or Woods in some packages especially if Robinson develops or we get another safety from the draft or FA. 

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Defense has options...


LB - Burns / Wilson / Thompson / Haynes, Luvu (YGM also had some 2pt stance reps at Penn St)

DL - Io / Brown / Nixon (YGM)


LB - Littleton / Wilson / Thompson (Luvu as the rotational guy)

DL - Burns / Io / Brown / YGM

Nickel & Nickel (Pass anticipated)

LB - Littleton (Chinn on occassion) / Thompson

DL - Burns / Io / Brown / YGM >>> Burns / YGM/ Brown / Haynes (Luvu)


I like the personnel in all of these, again I still standby adding one of the three I mentioned previous preferably. Lazy or not Clowney produces / plays the run excellent / typically leads in pressures.

He likely gets the 1yr deals as teams know to keep him motivated he has to be playing for that next 1yr deal. 


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1 hour ago, 4Corners said:

There hasn’t been a more overrated football player the past two decades than Jadaveon Clowney. He was a decent college player but was very big beneficiary of the social media boom and making some highlights on ESPN. 

Clowney isn't overrated, he just didn't live up to his draft position. 

He's still not bad, he's just not an All-pro.

Pro-Bowl caliber player who is a great run defender, average pass rusher. 

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YGM is the dude to replace Reddick. He was a highly touted prospect with potential and drafted in the second round. He is going into year 3 and he has to step up and prove it this year. We drafted him to be THAT guy. DE's in year 3 is their boom or bust year. I remember Greg Hardy went off his 3rd year. 

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Watch, in 2023 panthers will trade a 6th rounder for Reddick in season....


The young ones need to step UP and step UP some more- YGM, Brown, Nixon, Hoskins. Panthers traded a 6th for Darryl Johnson, he needs to bring some stats to the table rather than DNPs...Luvu looked like Reddick when given the snaps. 

Bonus I believe there will be a few edge players drafted in this draft that will be starting and they will come from rounds 4-7. It's loaded and panthers should spend a pick at edge late, why not?

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I’ve always felt that Haynes should be given a shot. He’s played well in the little bit of time he’s been given. Both he and Luvu had good PFF grades. YGM I guess is going to be the starter by default? He has potential but needs to stay healthy.

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9 hours ago, Biscuit said:

Some players make their name on one highlight.


I mean, he finished 4th in Heisman voting a few weeks before that game.   He def took his junior year off for the most part though and went number 1 due to his potential.  Micro fracture knee surgery and other injuries definitely damaged him further.  Hard pass on signing him unless hometown discount for 1 year.

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