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How many points will the Panthers score against the 49ers defense

How many points  

132 members have voted

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    • NONE
    • 2-10 points
    • 11-20 points
    • (insane homer pick) more than 20 points

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15 minutes ago, Sean Payton's Vicodin said:

Panthers have not been shut out in just under 20 years - on November 24th 2002 against the Falcons. It could happen this Sunday with the 49ers ball control offense and best D in the NFL.

I forgot about that; I did just see a stat today that they're allowing 3.7 yards per play which is the lowest ypp since the 70's or something...this might get very ugly, very fast.  Always possible for a surprise I guess lol

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Can't get it to show up as a tweet; but basically yeah currently they're statistically up there with the 85 Bears/2000 Ravens defense.

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    • Not sure what your definition of outperformance is but Hyatt, Downs, Wilson and Wicks all had more yards than Mingo among the WRs after Mingo and Mims is only 4 yards behind Mingo. That’s 9 WRs after Mingo outperforming him so far. Also, Fitterer has been awful, period, and your characterization that his players are still on the team is a stretch. 8 players drafted out of 22 are not on the team anymore and his first draft still hasn’t even gotten to the last year of their rookie deal. You mention that only Brandon Smith is in the first 5 rounds and not on the team. You missed Taylor, Nixon and amazingly enough Corral. I’d also say I don’t see TMJ finishing out his rookie deal.
    • we got hung up on him running crisp routes in shorts and a t-shirt and trying to strike gold with another Ole Miss receiver. Tank Dell worked out with Stroud and lobbied with Stroud to be their pick and prove people he was worthy, hungry. Our team needs more players like Tank, hungry, ready to prove people wrong. Not highly regarded players from big schools thinking they'll be able to do what they did vs Vanderbilt in the NFL.
    • ...I'm sorry Scot...I may have missed it in all the BS threads....but who is your choice for the front runner that can turn this thing around...
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