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CJ Henderson


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4 minutes ago, falconlynx said:

Who else gave him so much time to throw? We had a pathetic pass rush today outside of a few sacks. 

He did have a lot of time some plays.  But we also had 3 sacks on him.  Most teams don't get that on Brady.  The difference is having CBs who can't fuging cover.  Evans didn't even make a fuging move, he ran straight through them.  Those plays didn't require time.  They required corners who weren't complete ass.

They said CJ had contemplated retirement before coming here.  I really hope he considers it again effective immediately.  He is complete fuging ass.

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Just now, Carl Spackler said:

Fitterer made another fantastic trade in acquiring him for a meaningless draft pick. 

He brought in CJ who should not be covering a 1 and drafted Horn who can’t suite up half his pro career. Stop letting him pick corners. 

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Yeah like, I'm not saying C.J. is good but 

1 - He should not be on an island vs Mike Evans (nor Keith Taylor) 

2 - We have no pass rush that isn't started by BB or a blitz. 

We got hit with the injury bug. Happens. Look at teams liek Ravens, 49ers and Chargers in the past. 

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17 minutes ago, falconlynx said:

Almost anyone playing CB would look like that when left on island with Tom Brady getting so much time to throw.

I appreciate your support for our guy, you're a good fan. But... CJ is decent backup at best. He's been a liability all year, and his entire career. I don't even hate the trade, it was a Gamble on a former first rounder. But he hasn't shown me anything that makes me think he should be a starter in the NFL.

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I’d hesitate to blame any of this on defensive backs. We were in cover 3 a whole lot, the exact opposite of what you want to do against Brady and the opposite of what Arizona did the week before. 

Why that passing concept worked repeatedly and why it isn’t the corner’s fault for giving it up: playing soft cover 3 leaves the flat wide open and the buccaneers took advantage often with the slot or TE doing quick outs. Doing so left that outside corner as the primary tackler for many of these plays. If you watch it back, you’ll notice them setting up the deep shot by repeatedly throwing under Evans, using the fade as the clear out. Our refusal to adjust to this left our corners in a constant dilemma. If he hesitates for a second, he gets beat over the top by an all pro WR and the greatest quarterback ever. If he stays with the receiver, the receiver in the flats has a huge gain after the catch. 

It was just horrible game planning with even worse adjustments. It was embarrassing.

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