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    • First off, I'm about tired of some of you not getting the point. We're not kids here. The point is should we re-sign Moore at somewhere presumably near 18-20-ish mil per year (maybe more with market inflation). The Giants paid Kenny Golladay 18 mil a year. The next best offer for his services  was reportedly  between 11-12 million. The Giants overpaid when no one else was willing to even get close to that!  It is my opinion that Moore is a good receiver. His production has been good (and, no, I'm not going to split hairs about QBs because most receivers have to play with imperfect QBs). D.J. has been good, but not great. That's just what it is. "Great" in reference to Moore can only be found on the Huddle. He's a good receiver that opposing DCs aren't overly concerned with game planning for at this point in his career. Whether he'll take another step remains to be seen, but if he does, he's going to have to improve upon his route running, and make himself a "bigger" target. He only has 10 TDs in three years! You can't attribute all of that to QB play. Being that he is good, he deserves a good contract, just not a great one. If he comes out and dominates games consistently this coming season and has a season like Golladay in 2019 or maybe even a Justin Jefferson 2020 type of season, then we can talk about that great money, but if his 2021 season is the same as his last three, then you have to ask, "Are we going to pay D.J. top dollar even though he's never played to top-dollar level?" For me, it's as simple as that!  if you guys don't like it--well I would prefer that you actually understand the argument--tough! 
    • Sewell - best player at greatest position of need.  “They (BPA) are more like guidelines than actual rules”
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