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PFT: Seahawks want three #1 as starting point for Wilson trade.

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(3) 1st for Watson, sign me up!

(3) 1st for Wilson, no Thanks!

Wilson is already 32, is not the biggest QB, and has taken a crazy amount of hits throughout his career. To be honest, last year he started off like an MVP candidate, then fell off in the 2nd half of the season. I have concerns that he want play at top level much longer. 

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Wilson likely wouldn't want end up with the Panthers for the same reason he is having issues with the Seahawks.

Lack of protection/decent Oline.  He also has an issue with play calling, but the team recently canned their OC.

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24 minutes ago, LinvilleGorge said:

I can't do that for a 32 year old. Sure, some QBs play very well into their late 30s and a rare few play well into their early 40s, but eh...


I see no reason why that can't be Russ though.  He's never missed a game and doesn't rely on his mobility to the point where his game will have to change much in the next 3-4 years.  

Honestly, if ALL we had to do was give up 3 1st round picks?  And not give up any other players? I'm easily taking that deal.  Easily.  That gives us a strong 3-year window at minimum to compete for a championship.  Even if you don't think Wilson puts us in that talk this year, in 2022 we'll have so much cap space to make splash moves.

Of course I think the Seahawks would want players in return.  But the 3 1st round picks themselves don't bother me.  Wilson is elite and he'd immediately make us a strong contender for the next 3-5 years.

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2 minutes ago, mrcompletely11 said:

I’d give them the 8 and teddy.   That’s it

You apparently think along the same line as I do. But I could see doing two #1, and Teddy if I really thought we could put together an offense to suit his strong points and keep him upright. 

My problem with Wilson is his insistence on getting every penny that he can. He seems to have no problems taking up a huge percentage of the cap but then complains about not having enough pieces around him. You'd have to at consider the fact that you might not be able to resign or extend him without killing your cap space.

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