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Peak offseason post: Black Helmets

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6 hours ago, OneBadCat said:

White would be cool too 

I think the black helmets are beautiful but you don't want to wear them in the Carolina heat. Also, we don't wear our black unis until later in the season at home for that very reason. So, I would love to see white helmets. I think they would look way better than the silver which I have always thought took away from our unis in every combination. White helmet with black panther highlighted with our blue is what I would choose.

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11 hours ago, Ja Rhule said:

Animated GIF

Something I found funny about this gif: There was another, seperate storm named John in 1994 (the one in that gif is the one from 2012, so it's not the same unfortunately) which ended up becoming the longest lived tropical cyclone in recorded history, and even crossed the international dateline meaning it was both a hurricane and typhoon at seperate points in its voyage across the Pacific. Knowing this makes the joke even funnier to me, so I thought i'd share.



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The NFL has been considering the possibility of dumping the rule that limits players to one helmet per season. That rule is unpopular for many, because it necessarily prevents teams from using throwback or alternative uniforms based on helmets with a different color than their base helmets.


According to the NFL, there’s still no update on the possible return of multiple helmets for 2021. Even though the issue wasn’t raised at the ownership meetings conducted this week, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said that this change, if it happens, requires no discussion or vote among ownership.

The issue first emerged last year, when Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians mentioned that the Bucco Bruce throwbacks could return in Tampa for 2021.  Said the league at the time in response to an inquiry sparked by Arians’ comments: “There will be no change for the 2020 season. There are ongoing discussions for a potential change for the 2021 season, but no decisions have been made.”

It’s unclear when a change will need to be made in order to be implemented, if at all, for 2021. For teams like the Buccaneers or the Patriots to take advantage of the opportunity to use a white helmet with old-school uniforms, they’ll need time to get the uniforms ready to go.

Speaking of the possibility for Buccaneers and the Patriots throwbacks, that’s the only thing that could make their heavily-anticipated Week Four showdown in New England more compelling. Bucs in the creamsicles, Pats in the original Pat Patriot gear.

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20 minutes ago, joemac said:

A Honda Pilot is not a minivan.

According to Honda. A Subaru Outback is an "SUV" according to Subaru.

Car companies just figured out they couldn't sell minivans and station wagons if they kept calling them that, but call the same thing an "SUV" or a "crossover" and dumbasses would still buy them (at a premium price no less) having convinced themselves they aren't actually driving a minivan or station wagon. [they are] People are willing to pay more to be lied to if it allows them to feel better about themselves.

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