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What did they see in Darnold?


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To justify trading a second round pick for him?


He’s never been remotely good, by every advanced metric he was not just bad but the worst starting QB over the last 3 seasons. Anyone who saw the jets play last season would tell you Flacco was their best QB and he’s washed up.

I can’t believe people were falling for that 3-0 start, he was executing an elementary level offense and still missing wide open receivers, he wasn’t being exposed cause the defense was on a record pace in terms of yards, first downs and other metrics.

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They think they can enter a cheat code into fast forwarding a rebuild by picking up another teams QB. 99.9% of the time that has never worked. The blueprint is sucking to get top draft picks and pray that franchise QB is there when you pick. Teddy was a mistake. They should have tanked that year but won enough to miss the top QBs. Then they target Stafford. He said he’ll no which was very smart of him. Then they go with Sam over drafting Fields. I didn’t like either one.  At best Sam is a backup. One thing is the sorry ass oline. Brady as good as he is would be injured by now behind it. 

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Darnlod has the tools to be a good NFL QB. Arm talent, mobility and he's shown flashes of having "it" as we saw in the Vikings game with that 4th quarter comeback.

The question has always been surrounding his mental aspect and how much Gase and company were responsible. I admit, after reading the reviews of Gase in NY, the blocking and Sam trying to do everything to win (it seemed), I get why he was worth looking at. Now as far as the actual evaluation in person, I can't judge that, but he had the potential to be a average to above average NFL QB. I don't know if it's ghosts or he just can't process NFL level speed fast enough, but something is definitely off upstairs. 

My personal thought is quicksand and the more he fights the worse it gets. Those first few games he was feeling it somewhat with CMC as a safety valve, but now, the wheels have just fallen off. I don't know if he can be fixed or if sitting on the bench behind a NFL starting caliber QB could help. I do know trading the farm for Watson isn't going to fix our blocking or stone hands receivers or our boring predictable offense. 

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52 minutes ago, uncfan888 said:

They didn't see anything. Tepper needs a quarterback and they are doing anything they can to find one. They've made two mistakes already in that department 

Exactly. For some reason they think they can contend now so they're desperately swinging at the fences and compromising our future in the process.

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