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Predictions - Panthers at Dolphins


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Panthers win comfortably. Miami has one of the worst rushing attacks in the NFL and our D is built to feast on pass heavy attacks. They also have the worst pass defense in the NFL. This needs to be the game where we open the playbook up and get the downfield passing attack going.

Obviously games aren't played on paper, but on paper we're a nightmare stylistic matchup for them.

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If they blitz every down we are either going to be destroyed or we'll pick them apart. It's impossible to know with this team. Will the defense get back on track? Will our oline and Cam fall apart vs their blitzes? It really could go either way. On paper we should win this very easily, but we should have won last week fairly easily.

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I'm not comfortable or confident doing this, but we win in a blowout game.

Cam throws 300+ yards and is responsible for 2 passing and 2 rushing TDs. He pushes another 100 yards rushing, CMC 150+ combined yards.

Defense gets a shut out game.

Cats - 36

Fish - 0


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If our D can’t get back on track against their poor running game and horrific OL, I don’t know what to tell them.  This is the team that traded for Greg Little.  But we are also the team that traded for Sam Darnold, so… 😔


Panthers win 24-10 with a TD late to ice it.  One of our guys will lose a fumble early but we’ll bounce back.  D gets 2 turnovers 

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I don’t have a Lot of faith in this coaching staff 

bottom line,,lose this, season is over other than playing for pride    
Plain and simple It’s desperation time for the home team. 

Panthers 27. Miami 20.  

Dolphins  are not without talent   They have 

— won  3 straight
—- They have a pretty good TE.

—.  RB Gaskins isnt  tragic

—-  and a  good rookie WR coming into his own, Waddle 

—Tua is playing better as that finger  is healing 

this will be no cake walk.

 If the Panthers don’t assert their will through 4 qtrs, they will come back with their tails between their legs again. 

Somewhere this Panthers team needs to find some meanness and intelligence 

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