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New Coach Thread 2: Electric Boogaloo

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1 minute ago, UNCrules2187 said:

Small correction to the recap, but Caldwell was actually the first interview the Monday after the season ended. Believe Wilks went the day after.

That's correct. Caldwell interviewed first then Wilks. 

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12 minutes ago, Ricky Spanish said:

As things Currently stand, we have interviewed the following:

  • Steve Wilks
  • Jim Caldwell
  • Frank Reich
  • Sean Payton
  • Shane Steichen
  • Ken Dorsey
  • Mike Kafka
  • Ejiro Evero

The following have spurned us and we are now big mad at them:

  • Ben Johnson
  • Demeco Ryans
  • Jerrod Mayo

We have requested interviews with the following but they have not happened yet:

  • Kellen Moore (Scheduled Tuesday)

A Summary of the first thread:

  • Fit said it would be a small pool of candidates*
    • *It was not a small pool of candidates
  • Wilks interviewed first and no one knows for sure who he would hire as OC but Holcomb would stay as DC
  • We requested interviews from damn near everyone with a pulse who is a young up and coming OC
  • Ben Johnson, local hero, decided Detroit is better and will stay with the lions next year
    • Fanbase had a collected sad about this and now Ben Johnson sucks.
  • Harbaugh used us to get more money from Michigan
    • rippadon is big mad. Loves Harbaugh almost as much as Carson Strong
  • Wildcard Weekend happens
    • Stock up: Kafka, Ryans, Moore
    • Stock Down: Dorsey
    • No Change: Wilks, Reich, Caldwell
  • Sean Payton has entered the chat
    • Fanbase divided. Lines in sand are drawn. Buttholes across the fanbase pucker to the same shape as the one on Payton's face.
    • Speculation about speculating speculators regarding us hiring him.
    • We would have to give up more draft capital to get him than any other team since we are within the division
  • We interviewed some seasoned candidates like Vic Fangio to be the DC in the event we hire a young OC to be the next HC
    • Fanbase is collectively OK with this.
  • Tragic death of Anton Walkes of Charlotte FC temporarily pauses the search over the weekend
    • Props are given to Tepper for doing the right thing
  • Division Weekend happens
    • Stock up: Steichen, Ryans, Payton
    • Stock Down: Moore, Dorsey, Kafka
  • No change: Wilks, Caldwell, Reich
  • Broncos seem to really want Payton too. Payton is weighing his options between all available openings because he can.
  • Round two of interviews would happen next week.


A shorter summary of the search:

investigation we aint found shit GIF


Link to the last thread:


Please keep the discussions about the potential coaches, hirings, rumblings, stumblings, and bumblings.


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13 minutes ago, Ricky Spanish said:

Buttholes across the fanbase pucker to the same shape as the one on Payton's face.

the fifth element GIF

  • Beer 1
  • Flames 1
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