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Nick Saban Retires.

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8 hours ago, tiger7_88 said:

As an AU fan I hated that MF’er for his first 3 or 4 years at Bama.

But, eventually, I came to terms with it.  Hating Saban was akin to hating The Terminator for wanting to kill Sarah Conner.

fuger was a college football cyborg.

So no hate.  Fugging glad he’s gone.  Any replacement is a significant step down. This pleases me.

P.S. He’s not going back to the NFL and that would be a bad idea anyway.  Dude is gonna make serious retirement bank as a college football studio commentator.

Don't forgot the money he is already getting from all of those Geico commercials.

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One need look no further than this statement he made live to Pat McAfee on his show December 21:

"Excellence has a price and it doesn't come easy.. you gotta pay for it up front too." 

Saban finally admits that Alabama players are getting paid and, now, with the NIL and transfer portal, the school can no longer compete with those wallets and checkbooks.

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11 hours ago, Davidson Deac II said:

How is it the hardest?  In the old days, you pretty much had to go undefeated to be voted as the mythical championship.  

You dont think the competition is vastly more than then? Brother I hope you are trolling... 

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13 hours ago, Basbear said:

You dont think the competition is vastly more than then? Brother I hope you are trolling... 

College football has always had a handful of dominant programs, but the number of dominant programs has been significantly reduced over the last 20 years or so.  There are only about 5-6 programs that have a real shot at the national championship.  Alabama, usually one other team from the SEC, Ohio State, Michigan, usually one other team from the ACC, one team from the big 12 or pac 10 (and since the pac 10 will soon be gone, no more of that).  Several programs that use to be powerhouses have fallen (nebraska, penn state, notre dame) and no one has replaced them.  

A team that finished the regular season with 1 loss in the 70's and 80's had no shot at the national championship unless there was no undefeated team.  This years Alabama team in the 70's would have watched as Michigan and Washington played in the Rose Bowl and they were relegated to playing for a shot at second place in the polls.  But with the playoffs, the winner of the SEC is almost automatically in, even if other teams that are undefeated are ahead of them in the polls.  So yes, its easier for Saban to win it all than it was for Bryant.    



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23 hours ago, methodtoll said:

Soooo... Who becomes the premier coach in NCAAF now that Saban is gone? Kirby Smart?? 

I mean, if you just went pure resume it’s Dabo and then Kirby.  

I actually think this is a transitional window.   So it was Saban, Dabo , Kirby.  I think you have a new list that emerges in this NIL era because it’s a different game at this point.  Coaches like Saban and Dabo aren’t going to thrive anymore.  They are true program builders.   Dependent on guys coming in, buying in and developing.  NIL is just going to be about renting pieces year to year and musical chairs. 

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20 hours ago, Ricky Prickles said:

Dabo will soon be headed to Alabama I see. Clemson fans love him but will soon hate him when he drops them in the dumper like last nights spicy burrito

Ain’t happening.  Dabo isn’t a fit there.  Not for him or for Bama.   

it’s just a media taking the easy storyline. 

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