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Let's say Teddy is the week 1 starter...

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If we have a top 10 rookie sitting behind him, 8-10 depending on who that rookie is.

If we have a non-stop 10 rookie sitting behind him, 6-7 if it's a 2nd-3rd rounder. 4-5 if it's a late rounder.

If we have Teddy and spent the whole draft on non-QB positions...


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It's still Panthers football bby!!!

I would be at 100 if we had a young star QB waiting to take over in 2022 (OVER 9 MILLION IF THEY GET DESHAUN)


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I always hope for a win so week 1 is always a 10. Sitting back and watching TB nickel and dime teams with his underneath throws and pathetic deep balls will destroy that 10 quite quickly. 

From the top down they have indicated that QB is an issue so there better be a better option learning the system on the bench.  Whether a draft pick or a veteran working on a new start. 

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1 hour ago, BurnNChinn said:

Never said I don’t want Watson. I’m not trading CMC to get him, and we could always sign someone else or draft someone. Maybe u should ask before assuming.

You don't need to say you don't want watson, saying you're not willing to get rid of CMC says it all. 

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Depends on the rest of the roster. If there is no rookie QB behind him we either spent our draft addressing our offensive line, or adding players like Surtain, or Parsons to our defense. If we have a great offensive line, Teddy could function like he did in NO (solid enough to win) especially with CMC back. If we add a few players to our defense, it could be elite. Brown, Burns, Chinn, YGM, and Jackson have all shown promise already.

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3 hours ago, Ivan The Awesome said:

...so you don't want Watson, but also don't want Bridgewater...ooookay. 

What if Teddy2string is starting because Deshaun forgot to wear a tie on the team plane? 


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